Resin vs. Deco Art Triple Thick brush on gloss glaze

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Original Post

LuckyO says

Which is safer and less toxic?

Posted at 8:14pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT


never heard of the deco art one.. resin is pretty toxic but usable..

Posted at 8:18pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

ArtbyMAR says

I have used both, would say the deco art is less toxic. They say you should wear a respirator when using resin. Unfortunately nothing "quite" compares to the finish resin gives.

Posted at 8:23pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

Can I ask a quick question?

Where does one get resin from, if I wanted to try it out?

I have a home project I'm finishing up and was contemplating it, but no clue where to buy it, or what kind.

Posted at 8:26pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

you can get it at michaels or joannes

Posted at 8:28pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

Ivydee says

Triple Thick is non-toxic.

Posted at 8:36pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

Hey gals and guys, I use epoxy resin everyday and it's defiantly more toxic than the brush on or triple thick gloss but for me the difference between finishes as far as durability and looks is undoubtedly worth it.

If you are using resin be sure to use it in a well ventilated area or wear a mask as to avoid breathing it in.

I use enviortex lite which you can find at home supply stores such as Home depot or Lowes.

Posted at 8:49pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

LuckyO says

is resin safe to have against skin with finished products (pendants, beads,charms, etc.)

Posted at 8:50pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

triple thick by deco art is non toxic from what i know.

Posted at 8:50pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

LuckyO says

so is being non toxic cover all the bases? meaning.. breathing it, touching it, wearing it in dried form?

Posted at 8:51pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT