Resin vs. Deco Art Triple Thick brush on gloss glaze

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I've used Triple Thick for a long time. I tired my hand with resin but I'm one of those impatient types who doesn't enjoy having to wait too long before I can continue creating. Maybe if I had a bit more room in my room then I'll give it a whirl again, but for now I enjoy Triple Thick --even if it doesn't quite give that shiny glass-like look, it still does the trick for me ( and I like the non-toxic bonus )

Posted at 9:20pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

LuckyO -

Resin is used in all types of products, including commercially made beads as well as jewelry.

I have used two-part resin and casting resin with pendants/charms which are worn directly on the skin and have never had any issues with it nor have I ever received any complaints. It's basically just plastic.

With that being said I do wear gloves when it is in the liquid state and I'm applying it to avoid it getting all over my hands and everywhere else as it can be messy!

Posted at 9:22pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

LuckyO says

thanks so much all. Creative Rampage.. how long have you been using resin?

Posted at 11:33pm Jun 10, 2008 EDT

anyone here have a work to show using Deco Art Triple Thick?just wanna see how diff is it using resin. i love resin shine and hardness but the bubble thingy is giving way too much problem.

Posted at 8:37am Jun 11, 2008 EDT

i love resin.
i want to put everything in my random art pile into resin.
it makes me want to walk all over my neighborhood and collect things to submerge in resin.
i'm a found object guy for the most part anyway and the discovery of resin has opened doors and given my collector obsession a sense of purpose.

Posted at 3:54am Aug 4, 2009 EDT

I dont think I have a photo of anything I made with triple thick..

I can say that resin and triple thick are 2 different animals..I love resin and the clear coating & durability that it gives a piece..

where are the bubbles that you are getting??

what are you encasting??

resin is a bit tricky but patience is a key and practice practice practice..

Posted at 8:15am Aug 4, 2009 EDT

I sell both products in my shop and most resin products are definitely more toxic than Triple thick. You get different results from both products though. Resin is waterproof, Triple thick is water resistant. I personally use TT for my scrabble tiles as it is easier to use than resin. But if I make any pendant trays I use the resin.

Posted at 8:20am Aug 4, 2009 EDT

Hello Creative Rampage: How long does it take for enviortex lite to completely set and become ok to touch...? Is it a mix or can you brush on or squeeze on like diamond glaze?

Posted at 8:39am Aug 4, 2009 EDT

I'm an envirotex lite user. I let mine cure completely for two days. Sometimes, it's set up and cured 100% after one, but I leave them alone just in case.

It's a one-to-one ratio 2-part mix. You can pour it on or brush it on.

I eliminate bubbles by exhaling on the surface. The Carbon Dioxide does the job.

Posted at 8:59am Aug 4, 2009 EDT

dwilcox says

I love the outcome of resin over the other glazes. I have tried just about everything and nothing even compares to the 2 part resins. You do have to be careful though for I have become sensitized to it..if it touches my skin, I break out into a poison ivy type rash...have to be very well ventilated or my eyelids get burnt like a sunburn and swell shut! All that being said, as long as you take the safety precautions, you will not ever want to return to using a glaze!

Posted at 9:34am Aug 4, 2009 EDT