Remedies for Getting Fabric Dye off My Hands?

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We did a church project tonight where a couple hundred kids "decorated" backpacks using tie dye kits. I now have lovely shades of green, blue and purple on my hands and forearms. Is there anything (non-toxic) that will get this off my skin? Or do I have to wait until it wears off?

I'm glad I don't have a job interview tomorrow or anything important like that...

Posted at 12:15am Jun 12, 2008 EDT


ravenshold says

I have a few things I do to get leather dye off my hands, I'm not sure how well they will work with fabric dye but it wouldn't hurt to try them.

The first is to try some rubbing alcohol to see if it works as a solvent. The other is to use a really good nail brush and lots of soap and scrub like there is no tomorrow. Neither gets my hands completely clean but it fades the dye out so it isn't noticeable and people don't look at you like you have some weird contagious skin disease.

Posted at 12:21am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

Thanks unpaper!

Posted at 12:22am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

ravenshold says

Oh wow, unpaper that looks like a great product, I may have to get some to try.

Posted at 12:22am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

jenhintz says

I have no nontoxic suggestions, other than wearing some elbow-length opera gloves and totally owning the look.

However, I've had success with nail polish remover or 409. Just be sure to wash really well with soap and water afterwards to remove any residue. I have to do that all the time when I've been dyeing yarn and reach into the dyepot without thinking.

Posted at 12:23am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

Thanks all, for your help. I'm not really an opera glove wearing kinda woman, so I'm just going to have to own the "should've worn gloves when craftin' with the kids" look! :)

Posted at 12:43am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

GoTo says

Baking soda and dishsoap? Mild abbrasive, sucks up the hair dye when I freshen up my green. Doesn't clear it totally up, just helps.

Posted at 12:51am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

fairycat says

I swear by rubbing alcohol to get dye off your hands. I use it for hair dye on my hands and sinks. It also seems to work on other dyes. That and some dish soap.

Posted at 1:57am Jun 12, 2008 EDT

Solanah says

I love the dye on my hands.

Its like an artistic badge of honor.


Posted at 1:59am Jun 12, 2008 EDT