what sells the most on etsy??

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Original Post

what do people buy the most on etsy???

do you guys think these will sell??


Posted at 12:26pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT


any One know?

Posted at 12:27pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

littleworm says

I dont know what sells most but yes I think those will sell. :)

Posted at 12:29pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

thefrogbag says

I bet those will sell!
This is what I sell the most of:

Posted at 12:30pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

thanks guys :)

Posted at 12:31pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

tiff705 says

I think supplies and destash sell the best....

Posted at 12:32pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

definately supplies - that's the most i buy!

Posted at 12:36pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

cute stuff guys

Posted at 12:43pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

any one else???

keep it coming

Posted at 12:46pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT