what sells the most on etsy??

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no one??? :(

Posted at 12:51pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

Kiiss says

I sell mostly pdf tutorials. Ppl like to learn new techniques and new patterns. :)


Posted at 12:53pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

jotaysgel says

supplies and then I would say jewlery wish it was gel candles but think I am on the bottom of the todom pole.

Posted at 1:01pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

very cute Kliss and Jotaysgel

Posted at 1:02pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

chickypez says

Yes, I think those will sell. Cardmakers and scrapbookers use things like that alot!

Here's what I sell most of:

Posted at 1:05pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

Do you think my prices are good? or too expensive?

Posted at 1:08pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

chickypez says

I'm a threadkiller!

Posted at 1:09pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

yeah they look fun

Posted at 1:10pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

chickypez says

They are excellent, I think. Of course, I don't work with paper stuff so I might not be the best advice giver here! I have seen alot of this kind of stuff sell from other sellers, though, at prices even a little higher.

Posted at 1:11pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT

thanks threadspider

Posted at 1:11pm Jun 13, 2008 EDT