Soapers, can you use aluminum foil for lining soap mold?

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Original Post

I use saran wrap in my wood soap molds and tired of the wrinkles and fighting with it. I used waxed paper and that seems to get hot and melt to the soap, lol
Then I said to heck with it and went online and got acrylic no line, but still want to use the old wood molds.

Posted at 7:59am Jun 16, 2008 EDT


oops I guess this was the wrong thing to ask. sigh. oh well

Posted at 8:15am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

jimsgemsNH says

try freezer paper

Posted at 8:25am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

jimsgemsNH says

Look down at the bottom

Posted at 8:27am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

AspenSpa says

I wouldn't use it. I use freezer paper like Jimsgems mentioned. Eliminates the wrinkles if you pay attention to detail. Aluminum may break down due to the reaction, and the word on the street is that exposure to metals could increase the likelihood of your soap getting DOS quicker. I use wooden molds with freezer paper. I shape it using the mold's lid.

Posted at 8:29am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

THANK YOU SO MUCH BOTH OF YOU. I was curious as to why aluminum foil wasn't used and now I have learned something!
thank you again!

Posted at 8:36am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

MamaVSoap says

My current favorite wooden mold liner is silicone baking sheets that I've chopped and scored so they fold and sit in my wooden log mold.

Posted at 8:41am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

burtonwood says

Aluminum reacts with a lot of things and is generally not good in many applications. I dye things and have made soap and have only used stainless steel.

I think freezer paper....or parchment paper (I use) is a good option.

Posted at 8:43am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

NOooooo, STOP!!!! The lye will react terribly with the alum!!!!

!!!!!DON'T DO IT!!!!!!


Joanne & Sara

Posted at 8:44am Jun 16, 2008 EDT

Aluminum is an absolute no-no with cold process soaps. The lye and aluminum interact. You'll get a lovely black, messy reaction. :)

Posted at 8:45am Jun 16, 2008 EDT