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Original Post

I've been reading the posts for several months now so it's not as if I didn't know people were out there doing it.....

and i know the argument for there's nothing new under the sun and even agree with it.....

but some people really do copy other people's shop and items all the way down to the descriptions, everything. I saw my first one the other night and just saw another. i went to the shop i knew and back again to the copy shop--it's an exact copy except the name is just a bit different....it's sort of shocking!

Why? Why do people copy? Obviously they're clever enough to do the work and find the materials to make things.... Why not come up with their own ideas?

I'm stumped....

Posted at 6:06pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT


It happens a lot but some people really just come up with the same ideas. And some do it on purpose. Etsy sells the same supplies so it will happen on accident sometimes =[

Posted at 6:08pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

jacjewelry says

how did you manage to find your own items, mary? too bad it happened.

Posted at 6:10pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

It all comes back to greed. They see another seller being successful and decide to steal the idea rather than come up with something of their own. It's all about money and success in my opinion.

Posted at 6:10pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

they weren't mine--but a shop i know.....

Posted at 6:11pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

It happens because people are lazy and want to make a quick buck with minimal effort. Usually copiers quality will be inferior as their heart isn't in it, only their wallet.

Posted at 6:12pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

i know..
i was one of the people that said, "there is nothing new under the sun" and just move on...

but i JUST got copied, and it SUX!
but karma and ethics... i keep coming back to that..

Posted at 6:13pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

I'm not sure they are that clever. Those of us who are clever are never happy with what someone else is making, we want to make it better.

Posted at 6:14pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

RJBeads says

dreamalittledream says:
Etsy sells the same supplies so it will happen on accident sometimes =[
That's a big part of it (at least, I like to think that way!). I sell some really popular earrings that I recently noticed in another shop. When I first bought the components they were from a local place, but now you can get them on Etsy... such is the life of a retailer.

Posted at 6:14pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT

It's horrible. I think it's a combination of greed, laziness, a lack of morals, and an inability to come up with their own original idea.

I usually don't post such negative statements on the forums, but copycats really touch a nerve with me.

Posted at 6:14pm Jun 17, 2008 EDT