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Original Post

Our google group isn't getting much action, but I'm sure we're all checking out our etsy shops from time to time. So let's post some in here and maybe start a little discussion!

Have you checked the google group recently? I added a few files that may be of use to you! :)
Either in your etsy stores, or out at craft shows, etc. Take a look!


And thanks everyone who's posted on the blog!

I'd love to hear about the bee-related items in your shops, or any items you have that you've listed to help raise money for bees, or other bee news that you have.


Posted at 11:01pm Jun 30, 2008 EDT


Search for keyword "beeteam" to find team members' items on etsy :)

Posted at 9:25pm Jul 1, 2008 EDT

www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5378562 our newest member NebulaMystic has some great bee items!

Posted at 10:41pm Jul 1, 2008 EDT

Hello! I found a site that talks about it, and gives a list of flowers to plant.




Posted at 12:01am Jul 2, 2008 EDT

I love burts bees! I just got some of their hand soaps to try out tonight.

Posted at 9:51pm Jul 2, 2008 EDT


our blog! with a link to this post ;)

Posted at 7:34pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT


BaRbaRaGIOrDaNoArt has this ACEO Last Honeybee and is donating half the proceeds from this artwork to CCD Bee research:

LePetitMonstre has designed this collage, and the proceeds from prints of this collage are donated toward www.vanishingbees.com

MelissaVest has these really cute tote bags. $1 from each is donated toward bee research at The University of California at Davis!

OSSMedicineJewelry is making the film The Vanishing of the Bees. www.vanishingbees.com

Sparklejess has a couple of great prints, with proceeds being donated to vanishingbees.com :

And I have a number of items in my shop with proceeds going toward honey bee research from www.pollinator.org

Posted at 9:17pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

Thank you ever so much, samanthasartstudio!!

A big thank you to the two purchasers of my bee art prints, proceeds going to wwww.vanishingbees.com, skaramouche, her jewelry is on etsy at leeski.etsy.com, and redyellowandblueink.etsy.com, who bought the prints just to support the bees!!! Yay!

Posted at 12:37am Jul 4, 2008 EDT

sparklejess that is fantastic news and so generous of the fellow etsians who also wish to support the bees!! :)

I will add some notecards back into my store (I sold the first set) to help raise some funds for the bees, too. I keep forgetting to do that!

Posted at 10:59am Jul 4, 2008 EDT