Natural Kids Team - July 08

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Original Post

Welcome to the Natural Kids Etsy Street Team thread!

Natural Kids is a group of sellers dedicated to creating natural products for children. We are a diverse group of artisans who make natural toys, clothing, utensils and accessories for kids. Our sellers work with materials from the Earth, such as wool, cotton, silk and wood to create wholesome treasures!

Aunt Boo's Babies
Beneath The Rowan Tree
Birchleaf Designs
Blossom Babies
Bratsacks Babyware
Butterfly Designs
Clare Cakes
Conscious Clothing
Cozy Cottage Creations
Crazy Momma Productions
Dough Si Dough
Eve's Art Rocks
Fairie Bling
Flower Beads Design
Freedom Rainbow
German Dolls
Hand Crafted Sock Puppies
Harvest Moon by Hand
Kat Eyez
Little Elfs Toyshop
Little Jenny Wren
Little Love Blue
Looma Keena
Moonchild Studios
Natural Inspirations
Nature's Enchantment
Nishale's Art Shop
Nushkie Designs
Oh To See The Sunset
Orange Iron Fabrications
Orit Dotan Dolls
Pin Pon
Plum Pudding by Jenn
Prism Kids
Shelley's Natural Fiber Hats
The Fairies Nest
The Gnome Shop
The Little Nest
The Nursing Room
The Polka Dot Dragon
The Singing Bird
Tie Dye Diva
Toys From Nature
True Vine Herbs
Waldorf Mama
Wee Beaks
Winsome Hollow
Woodmouse Loves Wood
Wool Comes Alive
Wool Creations
Zuzu Petal



TEAM SEARCH (naturalkids team)

This thread is intended for team ideas and planning.
If you are interested in joining our team, please convo fairiesnest

Posted at 1:28pm Jul 1, 2008 EDT


Here are some things we can do to help the team thrive:
1. tag items correctly ("naturalkids team")
2. make team treasuries and add a link to our blog
3. visit all team treasuries, click once on each of the items and
leave a comment (this really makes a big difference in number of views
a treasury gets)
4. visit the blog and team and promo threads often
5. leave comments on the blog
6. add a link to your personal blog for a team search:
7. We now have a Flickr group so please come join us! Remember that while it
perfectly okay to post your Etsy items and pictures on Flicker you may
not have any links back to you shop except in your profile. Tag your photos with "Etsy" and "naturalkids"
8. pitch articles to the Stroque about team or a member
9. have fun!!!!!

1. Natural Kids Brochure - contact BellaWinter
2. Promo Swap - contact Cozy Cottage Creations
3. Ongoing Blog Posts

1. Natural Kids Toy of the Month Club

Posted at 1:36pm Jul 1, 2008 EDT

Thanks, Lively, for starting this thread!

I've got info for the PROMO SWAP!!!

If you're a member of the NaturalKids Street Team and would like to participate in the promo swap, here's what you need to know....

1. I will collect everyone's promos throughout the month of July. You can send me your promos whenever you'd like. Please convo me for my address.

2. Please send 20-50 promos. Remember, the more you send, the more your name will get out there to the world!

3. Promos can be business cards, moo cards, or anything else that gets the word out about your shop. There was a great article in the Storque recently about thinking outside the box when it comes to promotional materials. Here's the link:

4. On August 1st, I will gather together all the promos I've received and redistribute them evenly to everyone who has sent me some.

5. I'll ship everyone's promos out a few days (at the most) after that. The only thing I ask is that I be reimbursed for the return shipping. I'll let everyone know through a convo what that amount came to after I've shipped them.

6. Once you have the promos from the group, just include 3-5 in every package you send out. Just in time for people to start thinking about their holiday shopping :D

I'm looking forward to this! It will be fun for all who participate!
If anyone has any questions, feel free to convo me!

Posted at 2:34pm Jul 1, 2008 EDT

Nice work dear friends!
Thank you so much for ordering everything for us.

Posted at 4:38pm Jul 1, 2008 EDT

Thanks lively and cozy! I am thinking about the promotion. I just cannot quite wrap my head around how it is going to work. Let's say, I send you twenty cards another person 50. The next gal 37. You combine the three different cards in a packet of 20. Then the next 17 people get only a combination of two cards, and the next 13 get the remaining cards from the one promoter who sent 50? What do we do with the packets of various cards, promotional items sent? Hand them out randomly? Ship them with our orders? Say, hey if you like my work look at what my friends do...Please, clarify. I don't quite unterstand it yet.

Posted at 8:11am Jul 2, 2008 EDT

hi, german.
yes, you will get one(or a few, depending on how many participate and how many cards each person sends. lynne is going to sort that out. thanks, lynne:o)of everyone's cards. then you throw a few in each of your orders. pretty simple and an easy way to promote our team.

Posted at 10:37am Jul 2, 2008 EDT

What a lovely idea...I'll get promo making :-)

Posted at 11:04am Jul 2, 2008 EDT thread:)

Posted at 4:01pm Jul 2, 2008 EDT

I have been saving the cards I get when I order from everyone. I have a few of cozy's and I'll start putting those in my packages. I have sent you my business cards and moo cards, Cozy. :0) Look forward to getting a promo pack to see everyone's business cards. :0)

Posted at 4:31pm Jul 2, 2008 EDT

Ha! New thread~ marking it :) Hope everyone is having a good night!


Posted at 9:25pm Jul 2, 2008 EDT