Can you prepare listings in advance?

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Original Post

I have a question I've wondered about?
Can you prepare a number of listings and leave them all inactivated and just go in and activate the ones you want when you are ready?...
Can you do this with a LOT of listings (10-20)?
Does anyone know and do this? it OK to do?
Many thanks!

Posted at 12:04pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT


iWunder says

Nope. Tried, and if you abandon ship before pressing FINISH it all goes poof.

Posted at 12:05pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

Nelly23 says

Yes, you can do this.... However you will be charged for all the listing that you make even though you inactivate them...

Posted at 12:05pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

Nelly23 says

Sorry, I was not clear - you have to activate them first then go in and inactivate them...

Posted at 12:06pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

iWunder says

Right. So you pay for it, get the expiration date, and then inactivate it to wait until later thus losing exposure time on it. I don't think that's what the op wants to do.

Posted at 12:07pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

You have to list then put in edit mode.

What you CAN do is to create the written descriptions in a word processing program in advance then copy and paste that into the listing. If you email it to yourself, you can also have the pictures with the description as attachments.

That might save time too.

Posted at 12:09pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

Oh..I see..You have to activate them and them inactivate you are paying the fee on them before they are actually listed.
I had hoped (when I was in one of those computer and typing moods!!!LOL) that maybe I could get some built up in reserve and then just activate them when I wanted..:)

Well..It SEEMED like a good idea..:)
Thanks for the info.

Posted at 12:11pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

maked says

You can also create the listing - get to the final page (don't hit the finish button!) and then save that page in your favorites/bookmarks. When you want to publish, go to your bookmarked page, it'll come up as you left it and you hit finish.

Posted at 12:12pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

maked! i didn't know we could do that! WOOT!
(or HOOT!) as the case may be.

Posted at 12:13pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT

BeadedTail says

I do the listing but don't hit "finish" and then bookmark. This way whenI go back into it and click on finish it's at the top of the lists instead of buried if you list and then inactivate.

Posted at 12:14pm Jul 3, 2008 EDT