Etsy Cookbook! We want your favorite recipes!

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Original Post

JGEdgeWear says

Okay, so here is the deal! Another Etsy seller
( and I are trying to organize a Etsy Cookbook. We are looking to collect as many recipes as possible from all you Etsians, and publish them all together in a sprial bound cookbook that will be for sale during the upcoming holiday season!

What we are planning on doing is collecting recipes for the rest of the month of July and then compiling them all, along with promo pages which are also available for sale, if you would like details on this, please just convo either Novita or I.

But best of all, we intend to give 50% of all profits to an organization for DARFUR Relief, on behalf of the Etsy community!
We are hoping to get all of your support in making this an enormous success! Keep in mind that this is free advertising in away, as we will put your shop name with your recipe! So send away, and please use this format for sending the recipes:

Recipe Title
cooking instructions
cook time and temp
Yield(if you have it)
shop name

So, feel free to enter here as many recipes as you like or send either of us a convo, please feel free to convo me with any other questions you may have!
We are looking for recipes of all kinds, so add as many of whatever you like, we will use as many as we can, and hope that we have so many that we will have to publish additional editions! Thanks for all your help and we look forward to making this a huge success with all of your help!!

Posted at 2:04am Jul 12, 2008 EDT


Marking for later when I am awake and can find my recipe...I have an awesome one! :)

Posted at 2:17am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

JessicaC says

WOW no way,, what a great idea! I cook like crazy,, i've got tons, i will be back with some recipes definitely!

Posted at 2:19am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

JessicaC says

If youve never had cherry chocolate cheescake you haven't lived!

Posted at 2:20am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

food...what would we do without it? I contributed!

Posted at 8:36am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

JGEdgeWear says

Thanks everyone for looking recipes up! This will be a lot of fun!
Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake sounds detectable!!!!

Posted at 10:53am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

acornbeach says

Check out - she makes cookbooks and I bet she has AWESOME ideas -

this is a great concept by the way :)

Posted at 10:55am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

JGEdgeWear says

Ya, thanks Kly for contributing 2 recipes already, your AWSOME!!

Posted at 10:59am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

JGEdgeWear says

Thanks acornbeach, I'll be sure to check it out!

Posted at 11:00am Jul 12, 2008 EDT

JGEdgeWear says

Okay, so I thought I'd go ahead and post about the Promo pages, these will be sold in 1/2 page and full page sizes and keep in mind that the page sizes are 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". The price for this promo page will be $80/full page and $40/half page. Keep in mind that this is a permenant advertisement for your company as cookbooks are used in kitchens for years and years! You choose what is on your promo page, we want you to be as creative as you'd like, images and print are up to you, tell us how you got started in your art, or what your favorite medium is and why, tell us a heart felt story about your life, or just your logo and pictures of your favorite merchandise, whatever you'd like! So, just convo if you are intrested or have any other questions! Thanks!!

Posted at 11:13am Jul 12, 2008 EDT