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Original Post

so I recently got an iPhone and have been introduced to the wonderful world of apps. The main reason I got this iPhone (besides the fact that it is awesome) was to be able to be connected to etsy and my shop at all times. I think it would be wonderful for etsy to create an etsy app for people to have on their iPhones not only for sellers, but it would be a great way for Us to reach new customers!

Posted at 12:13 pm Jul 13, 2008 EDT


is anyone else using n iPhone for etsy?

Posted at 12:21 pm Jul 13, 2008 EDT

I was thinking about this the other day. We made a quick little desktop app (for proof of concept) that allowed you to receive shop updates. I think it would be great to have something for iPhone.

Posted at 12:26 pm Jul 13, 2008 EDT

I would love it!

Posted at 12:35 pm Jul 13, 2008 EDT

chiwawa says

I just got my 3G iPhone today. I have the eBay app, the PayPal app, and the Typepad app loaded so far. If only there was an Etsy app....sigh.

Posted at 11:31 pm Jul 22, 2008 EDT

DaliDecals says

I have a Verizon XV6800 with unlimited data on it. Its an AMAZING phone.. Windows Mobile 6 on it.. I can access Etsy, have my Outlook synced up, everything. Its great for business and very easy to carry.

It does all the same things that the iphone does, but it hasnt gotten any hype. Its meant for business. BUT you can change out the memory card in it (I have a 2gb micro SD card in mine) so that you can store whatever you need to... whether it be music, pictures, .pdfs, etc. Its awesome! I love my phone. :D

Posted at 12:24 am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

DaliDecals says

AND it has a full, REAL keyboard. :)

Posted at 12:25 am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

DaliDecals says

Wow I must be tired... I forgot to add, that an Etsy app would be so cool to have! Something that was more easy to use than the Internet Explorer that use now on the phone...

I dont know what the programming would entail though?? Id imagine it would be a huge pain to create.. :-/ and I wonder how many people would actually use it?

Posted at 12:26 am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

I would use it! I think Etsy actually works really well on the iPhone, except for flash.

Posted at 12:57 am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

pwnmonster says

i have one too and the only thing that bothers me is that there is no flash, but i love how i can connect to the internet and communicate with buyers and sellers, i just dont know how to add photos in convos on that thing, it was my little savior when my internet connection died for like a whole week

Posted at 1:08 am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

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