CCCOE August Challenge "Back To School"

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Original Post

Tresijas says

Is it really possible? Has the end of summer vacation come so soon? What will students be doing these last weeks of summer? How are they preparing for the start of a new school year?

CCCOE members, It's time to begin working on your entry for the August challenge -- "Back to School". Items will need to be tagged 'CCCOE' and 'augustchallenge' (one word) so that we can find them and add them to the buyer account favorites. Deadline for entry is midnight (Pacific time) August 31. Voting will take place the first week of September.

One entry per shop please. Items will need to be tagged 'CCCOE' and 'augustchallenge' (one word) so that we can find them for the voting list. When you have your entry listed, please post its title, YOUR SHOP NAME and a link to the entry in this thread. Please copy those already listed and add yours to the bottom of the list.

Most of us are offering a 10% or more discount to voters during the week of voting. If you wish to participate in offering a discount please convo VisionQuest with your shop name and amount that you would like to offer.


Posted at 2:49am Jul 19, 2008 EDT


Cool! Marking for later.

Posted at 12:35pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

Great - back later. Thanks you Kelly for starting this.

Posted at 12:37pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

marking - will be back!

Posted at 12:44pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

marking also!

Posted at 12:53pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

I think I have an idea already...

Posted at 2:11pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

Interesting challenge mmmm...

Posted at 2:24pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

Hmmm...I have a wicked idea.

Posted at 3:53pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

I got nuthin'!

Posted at 5:17pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT

I'm with Allie, I got nuthin' either!! Any ideas?

Posted at 5:57pm Jul 19, 2008 EDT