Honeybee helpers! End of July buzz...

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Original Post

Our team is still relatively new, so I doubt all of us have had time to click on each other's shops and blogs to see what each of our members are all about.

So why not get things started in here with some Hello posts?
And tell us a little about when and why YOU started loving bees!

Got any BEES in your shop? If so, share them!
We looooove bees in here!

Got any ideas for some great bee-related items for your store, but haven't had time to complete or need some feedback? We're here!

How about ideas that we can all do to help spread awareness of the CCD crisis? I've got a 3-in-1 page flier uploaded in the google group, but fliers are tricky since they can create waste- and helping bees means BEEing green too! So let's think of some more things we can do as a team :)


Posted at 9:24pm Jul 22, 2008 EDT


SturmDM says

Good morning, Samantha -

I'll start. My name is Doris Sturm and I love to crochet. I do some knitting, but mostly crochet. I goofed when setting up my account with Etsy, but my shop is called Honey Bee Crochet because I crochet for the bees. I donate 10% of every sale (online or off) to Penn State University for their Honey Bee Research. As you can see, I've not sold anything on Etsy, but I had a few sales in my neighborhood and am planning on attending the Honey Bee Festival in Hahira, GA in October.

Oh, yes, I live in Southern Georgia for the past 3 1/2 years, prior to that I lived in Southern California most of my "American Life" because I came from Germany originally way back when in 1971.

Anyhow, I learned about the disappearing honeybees quite late, you see I don't have cable TV and only get PBS/GPB with my rabbit ears, which is fine by me. I'm not much into commercials. (I watch my movies on Vongo.com or get DVD's from a friend)....Anyhow, I saw this program on Nature on GPB/PBS a few months ago called "Silence of the Bees" (here's the link in case you want to see: www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/silenc-fo-the-bees/full-episode/251/) and it really, really scared me because I love fresh fruits and veggies, I mean love, LOVE them. I rarely eat canned or frozen and the thought of not having my fresh fruit fix makes me very upset. When I saw these people in China having to hand pollinate their pear trees I lost it and decided to help out. Now, I know there are many, many good causes, but this one happens to hit closest to my heart and I feel that I must help educate others, if nothing else.
I live in an apartment, so I can't take up beekeeping, but I can plant sunflowers and let people know about the bees. When I write e-mails on hotmail, I personalized my signature so that not only a link to Etsy comes up, but a blurb about saving the honeybee and a link to that movie I just gave you.
And finally (yes, I'm long-winded) here's my Frazzled Honey Bee that I crocheted just for fun. He's hanging in my car's rear view mirror

One last thing: I found this website that does buttons and bumper stickers for $4.95 and no shipping. I ordered me a bumber sticker with "Honey Bee Crochet" and my Etsy address and a button, so I guess we could wear buttons and use bumper stickers to make people aware of the diminishing bee population and not waste any paper.

Bye for now,
ps: Can't wait to hear from you guys....

Posted at 8:55am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

SturmDM says


Try this and see if it works, but I imagine it's a lot like the movie you already have on the team blog.

Sorry, I must have typed it incorrectly.

If anyone wants that place to the bumper stickers and button place, let me know.


Posted at 9:01am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

That's so interesting Doris! And so neat that you already found a bee event to attend!!
I am sure once people find your shop, you'll sell lots. It seems like the types of things that do well on etsy, i LOVE your crochet bee!!

Me- I was in first grade when I first started liking bees. I loved all bugs, but I can remember most kids not liking bugs- especially bees!! (That whole stinging thing.) I think the one event I can recall that triggered my obsession with them was, a bee got into the classroom, and all the kids started yelling and going crazy and freaking out. I felt so bad for that poor little bee, with everyone swatting at it- So I decided to come to their defense. Since tons of kids didn't like bees, I decided to glorify them and point out all the good things about them. I made a "Bee club", and all my friends were in it, and we were nice to the bees :)

So I was known as "the bee girl" and strangely enough, when I run into teachers or people I knew in elementary school, they still say "Hey! It's the bee girl!"

I am going to the dentist today and I'm sure he'll bring it up, since as a kid I brought my plush bees with me for comfort if I had to get a filling or some crap!! :)

Posted at 9:19am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

SturmDM says:
If anyone wants that place to the bumper stickers and button place, let me know.


I like the stickers idea. I've thought about doing stickers too- even just the kind that are letters cut out of vinyl with a web address. I thought about putting www.vanishingbees.com on my car and www.helpthehoneybees.com in small letters because I thought those seemed like easy addresses to remember, and the vinyl letters can be put on a back window or somewhere that is a little discreet.

Posted at 9:35am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

SturmDM says

Hello, couturedepapier....you have a nice store :-)

Smantha, your talking about when you were a kid in school reminds me about when I was a little kid in Germany, I was never afraid of bees. My neighbor kept bees and once one got tangled up in my hair and she came running saying to not touch my head and she managed to separate my hair and the bee got out without even stinging me....also we had this huge Linden tree in front of our house with a big swing on it. When the Linden blossoms where open, the tree was buzzing with bees and I always liked the comforting sound of bees buzzing overhead in a tree. To this day, when I walk with my dog and I happen to be near or under a tree buzzing with bees, I stop and listen because the sound reminds me of my childhood. It is very soothing and comforting to me.

So much for memory lane ;-)


Posted at 11:31am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

My garden is the same way in the summer- 3 years ago, my husband and I went on a landscape re-design rampage and planted TONS of flowers and flowering shrubs around our pool. My mom was sort of lecturing me about "you're going to get all these wasps and bees by your pool now, you need to be careful."

The bees are so busy with all of the flowers, they completely leave us alone! The wasps, too. They have no interst in us whatsoever. And they are so sweet and tame- when I am in the pool and I see one in there struggling, I can swim over and rescue it in my hand and of course, they never sting...

Posted at 12:36pm Jul 23, 2008 EDT

SturmDM says

Good Morning Samantha and everyone else ;-)

I just wanted to check in, like I always do while having my coffee, to see who's up.

I've been busy finishing up a couple of afghans for my friends and another that I want to donate to CHAT of Lanier County, of which I'm a member (Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment) but I managed to crochet one little thing for my shop and here it is:


I have to get really busy crocheting things for the upcoming Honey Bee Festival. I know it's still 2 months away, but time flies and I have a long list of things I want to make.

I want to make smaller things so that everyone can afford to buy something, especially fun stuff for the kids because we all know how kids can get parents to buy stuff, especially at a fair.

With that said, I'm buzzing off and I hope to talk with you later ;-)


Posted at 8:03am Jul 24, 2008 EDT

Good morning Doris and I hope some of the other members see our post soon, since I've seen them buzzing around the forums- so I know they can check in ;)

I think I forgot to mention before- I am from Maryland! But moving to Harrisburg, PA in august or september!

Anyway I looked up that honeybee festival and I am not sure how long it would take me to drive there but I'm halfway considering doing it myself. We could do a joint table and try to raise money for bees, through our own things and the etsy team? SOmething to consider! It's going to depend on my schedule, but I did mark it on my calendar!

Posted at 8:35am Jul 24, 2008 EDT