My copper is to shiny,how can I make it dull

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Original Post

Hello every one,
I just made this lovely bracelet with some copper beads in it. The clasp is copper also, but much more shiny than the beads. Do any of you know a easy way to make it a little darker so it matches the other beads better??

Posted at 11:09pm Jul 22, 2008 EDT


Do you have a picture?

Posted at 11:38pm Jul 22, 2008 EDT

museglass says

you could lightly patina it and buff it out..

Posted at 11:39pm Jul 22, 2008 EDT

fisticuffs says

If I want my copper to tarnish a bit, then I will handle it a lot.

you could always say that it will tarnish with time.

I love the way copper tarnishes--I think it is such a beautiful color!

Posted at 11:46pm Jul 22, 2008 EDT

thank you all for your suggestions

Posted at 12:38am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

depending on how dark you want it, I use a 2-step technique of putting it in an ammonia fume for about an hour and then heating over my gas stove flame. A little longer if you want it really dark like this

Posted at 12:55am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

Olitopia says

I use the ammonia technique... you can always buff the piece ofter you fume it to show some highlights, if that's a look you'd like to achieve....

Posted at 2:12am Jul 23, 2008 EDT

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