Threadkiller, as well as magic number contest, win discounts to my shop!

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Original Post

OK, heres the deal, I've written down 3 numbers between 1 and 1000 that will win either of the following prizes, 1 free item of $12 or less in value, 15% off of an order, or a personalized keychain!

The threadkiller will win a free horseshoe dreamcatcher. These are $30 or more in the store!

No spamming (posting the same thing over and over) to try to get the right number, even though you don't know what they are). If a spammer happens to win a number I have some back up numbers that will win. Also, if I convo the winner and they do not reply within 4 days I will pick a back up number as a winner. Or if they do not win a prize they can use, it will be passed on to a back up number. (Say they're going for a free item and get 15% off and don't want to buy anything, for example). So, there are many chances to win!

I will post in this thread who the winners are and what the magic numbers were as well as which prizes were associated with each one.

Thats 4 prizes, all of which are excellent!

So, talk to each other, and have fun, when we get to 1000 posts, then its just straight up threadkiller fun!

Posted at 7:06pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT


great contest! Thanks

Posted at 7:09pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

Hi nightshade

Posted at 7:12pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

I noticed there are a lot of horse themed items in your shop. I love horseback riding

Posted at 7:13pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

Hi there! I've got to post a few items, but I'll check on the thread, see how its going.

Posted at 7:13pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

Yeah, I'm sort of a horse-addict. I have two of them of my own and a foster horse living with me

Posted at 7:14pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

wow, I've known poeple with horses but never owned one

Posted at 7:15pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

I like turtles and chickens

Posted at 7:16pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT

I love that blue purse, it might have gone with my prom dress. It would have changed the look

Posted at 7:18pm Jul 26, 2008 EDT