Two year ETSY Anniversary - SPECIAL OFFER

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Original Post

Today is my two year anniversary sale!!!!

We really started to party it up big in a thread I started yesterday! But this morning, I was disappointed to find a typo... so I'm starting a NEW party thread with the CORRECT offer!!!

I'm at 69 sales this morning!

Sale #70 gets:
10% OFF their sale + FREE SHIPPING on their whole order!!!

Then everY sale that is an even number (72,74,76 etc) gets FREE SHIPPING on their whole order too!!!!!

This will last all day long today - July 28 - until Midnight PACIFIC TIME!

So come shopping and enjoy some great savings on me! And while you're at it - stop and sign my thread!


Posted at 11:15am Jul 28, 2008 EDT


earcmra says

Happy Anniversary!

Posted at 11:16am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

BeaG says

Yay, congrats on your second Etsyversary!
(Mine was June 25.)
And good luck with your sale!

Posted at 11:18am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

Congratulation and may you have even greater fun and success in the next two years. You do great work and provide excellent services so I'm sure you will. Robert

Posted at 11:26am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

Kae1Crafts says

Happy 2nd Etsyversary. I'm a ways away from mine.

Have a wonderful day.

Posted at 11:27am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

Celebrate good times - COME ON!!!!!

Posted at 11:31am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

heronkate says

Congratulations ! Two years, that's wonderful !

Posted at 11:34am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

Hurry!!! Thank you all for joining my party!!!! :-)

And congrats to you BeaG!!!

earcmra - will you share some of your caramels at the party???


Posted at 11:39am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

That wasn't supposed to be hurry - it was supposed to be


Hi Kate!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Posted at 11:41am Jul 28, 2008 EDT

JeanHood says

That is a wonderful number of sales in 2 years!! And, I'm not surprised, with beautiful items like this:

Posted at 11:45am Jul 28, 2008 EDT