Do you want sales, publicily and front page treasury feature?

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Original Post

Not getting any sales? Not getting any publicity? Want to be on the front page?

Don’t moan about it. Do some research!

Improve your shop and learn to promote it. Every bit of information you need is already here on Etsy!

Please add more links if you know of other useful forum threads, recourses or storque articles.

IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS: This is - I think - the most important part (which is why it is at the top and has the most links).

LEARN TO PRICE YOU WORK CORRECTLY, if you underprice people will undervalue your creations and be put off just as much as they will be by an overpriced creation.

WRITE GOOD DESCRIPTIONS, help the buyer connect with your work

WRITE CLEAR CONCISE POLICIES for your shop that make the customer clear on what they can expect from you.

WRITE A PROFILE that sparks interest in your store! Help your customers get to know you.

LEARN TO TAG EFFECTIVELY, tagging is how your buyers (and treasury curators) find you!

PROMOTE YOUR SHOP! If no-one knows you are there then they can’t see your beautiful creations. So learn to shout about what you do.

JOIN A TEAM! Teams help to promote their members and are also a great resource for honest advice about your shop. Teams often make treasuries featuring their own members. Take the time to be part of a supportive community!

CONTINUALLY RE-EVALUATE YOUR STORE. Even if things are going well, there is always something that can be improved.

READ THE NEWBIE GUIDES – even if you are not a newbie! They are full of useful links and tips.

Other great resources:

Posted at 3:18am Aug 1, 2008 EDT


well said. thank you for all of the links and for putting this together.

Posted at 3:19am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

debs1967 says

Looks like I have some reading to do-Thanks

Posted at 3:19am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Marmalady says

maintain a positive, friendly & helpfull attitude in the forums -- a cheerfull face is more likely to be remembered and added to treasuries than a grumpy one!

dont complain "its not fair ...." -- life isnt fair, get over it, and improve your product, photos etc untill you too are getting the exposure that you think you deserve!

Posted at 3:22am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

yes yes yes yes yes. i hope everyone reads this!

Posted at 3:23am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Great info. Thanks for posting.

Posted at 3:26am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Mouse, you're great :)

Posted at 3:27am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Well said Mouse!

Posted at 3:27am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

thanks for your great advice!!

Posted at 3:28am Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Hey, good work HouseofMouse!

Posted at 3:29am Aug 1, 2008 EDT