'Handmade' in China stuff allowed on etsy?

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Original Post

Popogirl says

I saw some things on etsy that are definitely mass 'handmade' produced in China (I have seen them at dog shows many times).
Are they allowed here?

Just wondering!


Posted at 2:46pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT


stagebunny says

Is it a supply?

Posted at 2:47pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Flag it and let admin look at it.

Posted at 2:47pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Oops right if it's not a supply that is.

Posted at 2:47pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Popogirl says

It's not a supply. It's a ceramic item.
I did flag it. Just wondered what you all thought.

Posted at 2:48pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Marmalady says

you know what we all think -- if its against etsy rules it shouldnt be allowed here

if you've flagged it there is no need to bring it to the forums

Posted at 2:49pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT

Popogirl says

UH...YEAH there is! Don't be snotty!
I was just trying to be conversational and see what others opinions were.
No need to smack me.

Posted at 2:52pm Aug 1, 2008 EDT

I know what you mean Popogirl.
I was searching drawings just now and saw what are obviously mass produced paintings, I stopped searching after the first 4 pages as that was all there was!

I have personal experience of this from ebay, this all but killed original art selling on ebay.
I hope etsy dont allow it here.

Posted at 7:17am Aug 8, 2008 EDT

foofoogal avatar
foofoogal says

I see a bunch of 2008 Olympic stuff in vintage. Did I fall asleep for 20 years?

Posted at 11:41am Aug 9, 2008 EDT

foofoogal avatar
foofoogal says

One even says ebay. Maybe they are on the wrong site.

Posted at 11:42am Aug 9, 2008 EDT