Can one add Etsy Mini to Facebook pages?

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Original Post

noela says

I would like to add Etsy Mini to my Facebook page, is that possible? If so, how is it done? (I'm assuming it would be a copy and paste of the Flash version of Etsy Mini - but I have no idea where one would that on Facebook.)

Posted at 3:15am Aug 3, 2008 EDT


DoSiDough says

I remember seeing something about this. I'll go searching and post it if I find the answer.

Posted at 3:37am Aug 3, 2008 EDT

steppie says

Wow! This is so helpful! Thanks!

Posted at 3:55am Aug 3, 2008 EDT

thanks! i've just addes the second application you linked...the new facebook is driving me mad though!!!

Posted at 4:01am Aug 3, 2008 EDT

jewelera says

OooOoo, thank you DoSi, I was wondering how others were doing that. =D

Posted at 4:01am Aug 3, 2008 EDT

DoSiDough says

You're welcome!

Posted at 6:49pm Aug 3, 2008 EDT

noela says

Thanks so much! I will check out those links.

Can anyone explain the difference between the "new" facebook and the previous? I've had a bar at the top of my facebook page for over a week now saying "the new facebook is here, click here to try it now) but I've hesitated doing so.....

Posted at 1:49am Aug 5, 2008 EDT

I have the facebook application on my site and I know for sure I've made some sales from it - so I recommend it!

Posted at 1:51am Aug 5, 2008 EDT

noela says

I just added the application My Etsy from the second link (that was insanely easy, btw!!) -- does it only appear on the right hand side of your profile page? Any way to move it to the left side of your page?

Posted at 1:54am Aug 5, 2008 EDT