What are the most popular ring sizes?

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Original Post

akane says

I currently offer silver plated adjustable rings and I like them as they fit all sizes.

I would like to start upgrading my jewellery line to full sterling silver rings, but I'm debating whether I should use ring sizes or adjustable sterling rings.

What are the most popular sizes and what do you think about adjustable sterling silver rings?

Posted at 3:07pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT


I think adjustable is nice as long as it doesn't pinch.

My sister and I generally buy rings that are 6 or 7.5. :)

~Sarah Jane

Posted at 3:09pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

I think size 7

Posted at 3:10pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

I've found that most women can wear a size 7 on one of their fingers. A size 6 is the "official" size, but that just seems a little small to me.

Posted at 3:19pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

akane says

anyone else have any opinions?

Posted at 3:20pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

bohtieque says

:) I'm an 8 and hate that I can't order rings here without adjustment (we don't have a jeweler within 50 miles)...but I really don't like adjustable rings.

How easy is it to resize rings? That would be a good service to offer when selling rings. Or, can they be made to order?

Posted at 3:25pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

I sell a lot of size 8-11
but agree that size 6-7 seems to be the "standard" size. :)
re: adustable rings - A woman at my most recent art fair was wearing a vintage sterling adjustable ring - it was SO cool!

Posted at 3:26pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

bohtieque - a lot of jewelers here sell made to order rings in your size :)
If you don't see it in your size - it doesn't hurt to ask too :)

Posted at 3:28pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

I don't care much for adjustable rings either. The biggest ring size I can wear is a 5 3/4, but I'm pretty small. My female customers have ordered sizes from 3 3/4 to 10 from me, but I think that 6 1/2, 7, and 7 1/2 are the most common sizes.

Posted at 6:31pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

I make rings to order. I prefer making a new custom ring instead of resizing, although I can resize if absolutely needed.

Posted at 6:34pm Aug 9, 2008 EDT

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