Gathering Stuff for The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

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Original Post

I'm thinking of putting together something to send to Ellen. My grandmother has always told me to do it and then finally I went to the site today and there's a category where if you have something you think Ellen would love you can send it in. I managed to get a hold of the address and now I'm thinking of putting together a group of businesses from the handmade community to do something really crazy.

I know she's always modeling and putting stuff on her show that is "Ellen" related. She is constantly showing wicked cool stuff watchers send in. I wonder if we could pull it off. There's so many possibilities. It would be great exposure for Etsy, The Little Black Box (, and all the businesses (you) that create the items.

Any ideas? Am I crazy for taking on the task? I was even just thinking of using the address as one of my media contacts for September and just sending a black box there but I think it'd be so much more fun to have an "Ellen" theme for the pack we send her.

Posted at 8:36pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT


well, what type of things do you have?

Posted at 8:38pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

nothing in your shop...

Posted at 8:38pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

wait- let me go to your website.

Posted at 8:38pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

love2sew says

that sounds like a great idea. Is she still on the air. I can't find her show anymore

Posted at 8:38pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

That's funny! I'll have to think of what Ellen would like...

Posted at 8:38pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

I'm wondering if Ellen would even see it...

I remember on the forums they did a big basket for Oprah and one for Martha...Oprah's people didn't even acknowledge receipt of it (it says on her site that she gives away gifts she receives to charity).

Posted at 8:38pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

why don't you have everyone (or a whole bunch of people) contribute things in their "artistic disciplines" that spell out e-l-l-e-n...and then send an example of a whole bunch of those things in one could put a blog entry about all of the contributions...

She seems to strike me as the type who would really enjoy that...especially if there is some fun stuff!!!

Posted at 8:39pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

I'm in! I have always wanted to do this! Convo me and we will talk!

Thanks, for organizing this!

Posted at 8:39pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT

That sounds totally do-able.

Posted at 8:40pm Aug 14, 2008 EDT