Come spend an evening with Dorset Hill Beads

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Original Post

Sunday, August 17, the Etsy Artist Lounge is proud to bring you an evening with Dorset Hill Beads.

This is where everyone on etsy, from the buyers to the sellers can come in and get to know just who Dorset Hill Beads, really is.

This fun and wonderful event, takes place right here in the promo forum at the following times:

3am(uk time)

To view her shop, please click on the link below:

We all look forward to seeing you here!

Brought to you by the Etsy Artist Lounge

Posted at 12:21am Aug 15, 2008 EDT


woohoo! Can't wait to chat!

Come join us for an awesome night! <3

Posted at 1:02am Aug 15, 2008 EDT

Great beads - I might come later :)
30% off right now if you leave me a message :)
Bubble mailers - beads - findings ...

Posted at 1:03am Aug 15, 2008 EDT

btw you so need to check out this focal bead!

It is just so beautiful!

Posted at 1:04am Aug 15, 2008 EDT

Hi Everyone...
I'm very excited to be featured as the "Evening With" this Sunday night...I'm looking forward to chatting with you all...I'll be posting new listings in the next few days...
I love this group...You guys are the best...

Posted at 8:39am Aug 15, 2008 EDT

Can't wait! Will be there with bells on to find out more about DorsetHillBeads!

Posted at 12:11pm Aug 15, 2008 EDT

dorsethill has some very creative and incredible focal beads. her shop is not to be missed!

Posted at 4:43pm Aug 15, 2008 EDT

That one link worked. Thank you. Marilyn

Posted at 5:16pm Aug 15, 2008 EDT

glassgypsy says

Will be a great evening 4 sure. Glass is always a fun topic. lovely to look at, AND it is calorie free. See yas all dere Sunday night. En Espanol, es Domingo noche.

Posted at 10:35pm Aug 15, 2008 EDT

Here's a sneak peak at what's new in my shop tonight...

Posted at 10:44pm Aug 15, 2008 EDT