Coming Soon: the Sunday Vintage Market August 31st

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Original Post

Starting August 31st several fabulous vintage sellers will be participating in a special promotion right here in the promotions section.

These vintage shops will be participating in an online flea market. There will be plenty of fun and funky discounted items and some shops will even let you make offers on their vintage items.

So, mark your calendar and get ready for the first Sunday Vintage Market. We'd love to see you there.

Participating Shops (and the list is still growing(:


and her sister shop




Mountain Vintage



Posted at 10:45am Aug 17, 2008 EDT


Only a couple weeks left!

Posted at 10:47am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

We hope to see you all there for a fun chat. Plus, you can always give us a link to your own treasure and we'll do our best to identify it for you!

Posted at 10:48am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

What a great idea!

Posted at 10:49am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

Thank you WinchesterLambourne, we hope to see you there!

Posted at 10:50am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

Each shop will either have a section of discounted items, a section of items you can make an offer on, OR the whole shop will be discounted and you can make offers. We will be treating this much like your favorite flea market.

Posted at 10:52am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

august 31st,eh? I hope they sell a lot of clothes. I want some for my job.

Posted at 10:52am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

CassowaryJewelry, I'm sure there will be some fabulous vintage clothing. I know many of us are going to be adding things to the shops closer to that date. I'll take a look through and if there aren't, I'll try and get a vintage clothing seller on board!

Thanks for your comment!

Posted at 10:57am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

back up again for those who've not yet had a chance to read this.

Posted at 11:02am Aug 17, 2008 EDT

Super yay! Of course, I enjoy vintage jewelry as well, but mostly, I take it apart.

Posted at 11:08am Aug 17, 2008 EDT