How do you get fiberglass out of your skin?

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Original Post

amuse says

It's all along the right side of my back and arm.
It really hurts...

Anyone know any hints?
Dr. Etsy???

Posted at 8:24am Aug 18, 2008 EDT



Those little fiberglass shards are most likely imbedded into your skin. Ouchie. Maybe try scrubbing lightly with a loofah, and some gentle soap, and then I'd put some Neosporin on the rash.

Sorry...that hurts!

Posted at 8:26am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

crazybeads says

don't scrub!!! you will push them in!!!

Posted at 8:27am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

amuse says

thanks firechick.
I took a warm shower last night after I realized what happened but it didn't seem to help. I was afraid to rub anything over it.
I had to sleep on my stomach. This morning it's not feeling any better...

Posted at 8:28am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

crazybeads says

first thing that came to mind - tape...try gently "waxing" them out...opening your pores in a steam/hot shower might help, too - some may wash away...

Posted at 8:29am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

crazybeads says

how did you get so much fiberglass in your skin?

Posted at 8:29am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

megAgem says

Duct tape. This is how we did it old skool when I worked with fglass.
Just take a piece and blot the area pulling in one direction.It should pull it out.

Posted at 8:31am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

blestbeads says

Packing Tape? I don't know, I'm just brainstorming..but maybe if you tried some good strong tape- like getting lint off...

Posted at 8:32am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

amuse says

someone mentioned duct tape :(

So the story is...I was a lake this weekend and there was a sailboat. Of course I had to take it I go rummaging through the shed to find the rudder and dagger board. Found the dagger board, slung it over my shoulder and carried it to the boat.
Later that night I realized a big portion of my back felt like I tons of stingers in it. My boyfriend said "oh whatever you just got stung" Then I realized it was from the fiberglass dagger board. I guess all the sealant had been rubbed off since it's so old and I just ground alllll those little tiny shards into my skin...

Posted at 8:32am Aug 18, 2008 EDT

amuse says

maybe i will go get my back waxed...

Posted at 8:34am Aug 18, 2008 EDT