Needle Felt wool creations-Share with us!-continuation

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Original Post

We are artists at Etsy who creates in the new wool art that develops lately –Needle Felt art.
We want to share with you our art.

If you are also a Needle Felt artist-please feel free to post your art here

If you are a gesture –we would love to have your comment

More of our creations you can find in the old thread:

To join our Etsy team -NFEST-you may contact Gina
Do not miss her beautiful works!

Posted at 9:55am Aug 19, 2008 EDT


Good morning, Orit! I want to share Her little monsters are so cute!! They really make me laugh. Check out this cutie

Posted at 10:10am Aug 19, 2008 EDT

Hi! This is what I found this morning. I just love the name of this shop too...

Love the little monsters from above too.

Posted at 11:02am Aug 19, 2008 EDT

hi, orit:o)
ok, ok, i don't needle felt, but a lot of my friends do!
here's one of my favorites

Posted at 11:15am Aug 19, 2008 EDT

fufukitty says

Here is a great HOW-TO article on taking photos. Although this is mainly about jewelry, I feel the same principles apply.

Posted at 11:18am Aug 19, 2008 EDT

Good morning Orit :)
I love your new wool fairy in her coconut cradle

I want to make sure everyone can find all of these needlefelting resources listed at the Needlefelt Team Shop Page, be sure to scroll through the favorites :)

Posted at 11:33am Aug 19, 2008 EDT

So many creative indiviuals.

Here's on of my favorite felters:

Posted at 11:40am Aug 19, 2008 EDT

I am continually in awe of the stabbing prowess around here!
Here are a couple to check out:
Look at this mermaid!
And a flying pig!

And I have this little fellow needing a loving home (he will grow big!):

Posted at 12:29pm Aug 19, 2008 EDT

haddy2dogs says

Thanks Boo!
I am a huge fan of all the talented felters on Etsy!
Nishale, Shugy is so cute!

Posted at 12:29pm Aug 19, 2008 EDT