Tablecloths for craft fairs

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Original Post

I need 3 tablecloths for my 1st craft fair, the tables are 6 feet by 4 and 8 feet by 4. I want them to fall almost to the ground on all sides but have not been able to find them online. Also, what do you hold them with so they don't slide? I make jewelry. I could make the tablecloths myself but I have not found fabric that is wide enough. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you

Posted at 11:28am Aug 21, 2008 EDT


Bygail says

Tablecloth fabric is available up to 120" wide in a variety of colors. I'd be happy to make this for you; convo me if interested.

For a craft show, I recommend 100% polyester because it melts, where cotton burns. I've been told that fire codes in some places prohibit cotton tablecloths in public places, although I don't have a source to substantiate that.

Posted at 11:35am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

FeralGlass says

I began with using twin-sized sheets as table drapes., with clips hanging on edges to keep them from billowing. Have since moved to fitted table cloths and I love them. I got them on-line from

But if I could sew or knew a seamstress I would have made my own.

Posted at 11:36am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

My mom and I used faux lace picnic table cloths. They're like vinyl or something so items don't slide, but they look really cute until you touch them.

Let me go find her flickr with photos

Posted at 11:37am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

We use twin-sized sheets as well to cover our tables at craft shows. They seem to work well for us.

Posted at 11:38am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

I got a bolt of wrinkle free fabric. I cover all my tables with it and at the end of the show I just roll it back onto the bolt. Looks perfect every time!

Posted at 11:38am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

This one shows the table cloth the best, but still hard to see.

We used super cheap fabric underneath.

Posted at 11:39am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

Marmalady says

are the tables free-standing so that the public can walk all round or are you going to have a "staff only" area behind them ? -- in this case in my experience it is better to have them reaching the ground on only 3 sides -- then you have easy access to boxes stored under the table

Posted at 11:41am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

Bygail says

Here is a link to tablecloth fabrics in assorted colors and widths:

By the time you have the weight of your display on the table, the tablecloth will be weighted down enough not to slide or slip. You also can buy double sided tape at a hardware store to secure the tablecloth.

Posted at 11:41am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

*another idea is to use those cloth/vinyl/plastic table skirts to go around the entire visible edge of your table...they are stretchy, light weight and very easy to clean while hiding all the stuff under your tables. (i used white)
*then you can put a nice table cloth on the top and it's easy to change out the look to fit the season.

I believe you can still buy the skirts at party supply stores.

Posted at 11:52am Aug 21, 2008 EDT

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