Negative feedback help!!!

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Original Post

wicopy says

Help I got a retalitory neg from a buyer who demanded I change my shop policies for them and got zinged. No one works at etsy on weekends, I've emailed abuse and community, what else can I do?

How long does it take admin to remove this unfair feedback? Should I leave a neg in return?

Posted at 11:06am Aug 23, 2008 EDT


doesnt seem retaliatory to me, it sounds factual

Posted at 11:09am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

and calling out is nice, either

Posted at 11:09am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

I don't think this is what they call retalitory neg.... that happens when you leave a neg and in turn they leave one for you. I guess they will be back to work on Monday, and decide.... If you left negative that could explain what has happened.

Posted at 11:11am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

I would wait to leave any feedback for them. Just wait and see what Etsy says.

Posted at 11:11am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

kamace says

Yeah, really, you have been here for over a year and you know that calling out is bad form and against the rules. In addition, it could negatively impact your business.

You will simply have to wait until this is straightened out.

Posted at 11:11am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

bruce822 says

Retaliatory feedback is feedback left in retaliation to feedback you left. Since you haven't left feedback yet, it isn't retaliatory. If you were to leave her negative feedback in return for the feedback she left, THAT would be retaliatory.

Posted at 11:12am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

an that too....

Posted at 11:12am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

yup , bruce is right, if you neg. now because you didnt like their feedback, that would be retaliatory

Posted at 11:12am Aug 23, 2008 EDT

I don't know that Etsy would remove it as the buyer doesn't seem to have broken any rules. I have had Etsy remove a neg and they did it within 24 hours. The buyer was tacky enough to use profanity so it was removed. I didn't give two bits about the negative feedback and even told etsy they can leave it, just remove the small comment with the profanity but they removed the entire feedback. Im sorry that happened to you. I wouldn't worry much about it. I think the rest of your feedback will be the determining factor when a buyer looks at it.
good luck.

Posted at 11:13am Aug 23, 2008 EDT