Alberta Street Team Chat Thread - Aug. 28/08

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Original Post

Hello, everyone! :)

Welcome to the Alberta Team Chat Thread for the week of the 28th!

Team blog:
Flickr group:
Etsy Team Page:

If you're interested in joining the Alberta Street Team, check out our Team page listed above. :)

~Sarah Jane

Posted at 11:22am Aug 28, 2008 EDT


Old thread:
for anyone who'd like to catch up. :)

It's Nina's birthday today! And she'd like everyone to take a look at her shop policies.

We'll be holding a Team chat next Tuesday at 7pm Mountain Standard Time, there will be an email sent out earlier that day with a reminder as well as the password to get in. :)

(And I've probably forgotten something, lol.)


Posted at 11:26am Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Happpy birthday to you... happy birthday to you.... happy birthday dear NINA.... happy birthday to you!!!

-Jenny @ Crimson Orchid

Posted at 12:16pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Intuibead says

Happy birthday Nina!
Simplepleasuresoaps got a treasury in Treasury West. Alberta themed.

Posted at 12:26pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Happy Birthday Nina....

Here's the link to the treasury if anyone needs it

Posted at 12:31pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

beadsss says

Thank you for the Bday wishes! Im having a great day :)

Impedimenta: very nice treasury. I could easily buy everything there. lol

I am going so broke on this site :)

Posted at 12:52pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT


And I just popped over to say that I fluked and got my first ever treasury. This means its a disorganized mix of beads and jewelry things from my various street teams but some Albertans in there:

Posted at 1:25pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

nice treasury aquarius!

Posted at 1:38pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Very nice treasuries... So many pretty things!

Posted at 1:43pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

...i can't believe it's almost noon...I've been on the etsy forums almost all morning....(quite the little time sucker)....I must go to my backyard, I think my sunflowers are about to get up out of the dirt and get out the hose themselves...:)


Posted at 1:46pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT