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Original Post

Welcome to the Team Etsy Mentors List! If you would like to become a member please read the post at the end of the list.

All sellers listed below are volunteer mentors. They offer their time and energy to help new or struggling sellers here on Etsy. They are listed by areas of expertise, location and languages they speak.

If you need help, please choose a seller from the list below and send them a convo with as much detail as you can about what help you need.

* * * E X P E R T I S E * * *

- Alchemy –

- All Things Etsy -

- Banners and Avatars

- Being Businesswoman and a Stay at Home Mom –

- Blogging –

- Business Administration and development–

- Chat –

- Craft Fair Survival –

- Customer service and relations –

- Custom orders -

- Descriptions –

- Etsy do’s and don’ts, Terms and conditions –

- Flickr -

- Forums –

- Gemstones –

- General Assistance –


- Just about anything –

- Listing, relising and renewal -

- Marketing, promotions and advertising -

- Multiple shops –

- MySpace –

- Networking –

- Packaging and presentation –

- PayPal -

- Photographing your work -

- Photoshop –

- Pricing –

- Resource Links -

Posted at 12:13pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT


- RME –

- Selling-

- Setting up shop -

- Setting up your own website –

- Shipping –

- Shipping in and out of Australia –

- Shop Critiques –

- Store policies –

- Teams -

- Trading –

- Treasuries -

- USPS postage/shipping -

- Vintage –

- Wholesale –

Posted at 12:13pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

If you would like to become part of Team Etsy Mentors please convo me with the following information

Your shop name(s):
What you sell:
Your location:
Specific areas of expertise:

For example -
Your shop name: TheHouseOfMouse
What you sell: Toys/Ornaments
Your location: The Netherlands, Europe
Languages: English (Fluent) Dutch (Basic)
Specific areas of Expertise: Etsy Do's and Dont's, Etsy Terms and Conditions, Shop Critiquing, Photographing small products, Photoshop, Treasuries, Customer Service

Posted at 12:13pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Excellent list! Thanks so much for doing this!

Posted at 12:29pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Hi all! what a great list!

Posted at 12:35pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

It has been hard work, but worth it I think. :)

Posted at 12:38pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Thanks to TheHouseofMouse! Great idea.

Posted at 12:41pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

KendraH says


Posted at 12:43pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT