Get the sales, publicily and front page treasury feature you want *PART IV*

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Original Post

Not getting any sales? Not getting any publicity? Want to be on the front page?

Don’t moan about it. Do some research!

Improve your shop and learn to promote it. Every bit of information you need is already here on Etsy! (new addition with a couple of non-etsy links too)

IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS: This is - I think - the most important part (which is why it is at the top and has the most links).

FIND A MENTOR - a mentor can help you with the personal disputes you cannot ask about in the forums because of the "calling out" rules. They can also give you great advice from experience on ways to improve your shop and get more out of Etsy. Brand new Team Etsy Mentors:

LEARN TO PRICE YOUR WORK CORRECTLY! If you underprice your work viewers will undervalue your creations and be put off just as much as they will be by an overinflated price.

WRITE GOOD DESCRIPTIONS! Help the buyer connect with your work

WRITE CLEAR CONCISE POLICIES for your shop that make the customer clear on what they can expect from you.

WRITE A PROFILE that sparks interest in your store! Help your customers get to know you.

LEARN TO TAG EFFECTIVELY! Tagging is how your buyers (and treasury curators) find you! Remember to tag for colors too as those are the most common tags curators use when looking for treasury listings.

PROMOTE YOUR SHOP! If no one knows you are there then they can’t see your beautiful creations. Learn to shout about what you do.

STAY POSITIVE! Maintain a positive, friendly & helpful attitude in the forums -- a cheerful face is more likely to be remembered and added to treasuries than a grumpy one! Negative attitude in the forums affects the way people view you and your shop. Branding is not just about a logo, it is about everything you do in connection with your store. Many visitors to the forums actively avoid aggressive, whiny or rude members and their stores.

JOIN A TEAM! Teams help to promote their members and are also a great resource for honest advice about your shop. Teams often make treasuries featuring their own members. Take the time to be part of a supportive community!

BE UNIQUE! Find a way to make your product different from your competitors. Even if you are selling the same thing as 1,000 other people, you can still find a way to stand out from the crowd.

CONTINUALLY RE-EVALUATE YOUR STORE! Even if things are going well, there is always something that can be improved.

SIT IN ON A WEEKLY CRITIQUE! Even if you don't get critiqued you can learn a lot just from sitting in, watching and listening. Check the virtual labs schedule to see when the next ones will be.
(this tip comes from )

READ THE NEWBIE GUIDES – even if you are not a newbie! They are full of useful links and tips.


Ultimate Craft Guide - tutorials, advice, suppliers....

Storque how tos

How to make it to the front page

"When I relist something I change the #1 picture. have noticed that some items that had almost no hearts or views before can get much more after this little change....." says:
"I always change up my "Featured Item" photo in my shop every other day. To keep things looking fresh on Etsy and on my Etsy Mini, I have my Etsy Mini on facebook, myspace blogspot..etc. I usually, change them and/or make a theme out of them.. like all necklaces, or one color, brand new listings, etc.... kinda makes a person go" oo I didn't see those on her mini last time". I just got a sale yesterday from a buyers who told me she reads my blog and saw my new items in my Etsy Mini!! COOL:)"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you have any other useful tips, links or forum threads please leave them here, I will add them to the list next time around. Thank you for helping make this list even better!

The House of Mouse

Posted at 12:36pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT


This is AWESOME House! It has made me re-evaluate some things in my shop that I thought were okay, such as profile.

Again, thanks!

Posted at 12:40pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

photoamato says

Wow! You're a busy, productive and very helpful little mouse, aren't you?

Posted at 12:41pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT


Where can we find parts I, II, and III?

Posted at 12:42pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Wonderful! Marking.

Posted at 12:43pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Always good to have a reminder. :D

Posted at 12:43pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

Thanks Anna! :)

I would love to be in treasuries occasionally or on the front page once in a while. It's been a LOOOONG time since either of those has happened.

I think I have good photos, clear descriptions, good tags, etc.

I'm pretty happy with my sales off etsy, but I'd love to have more sales ON etsy. :)

Posted at 12:44pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

this is awesome! marking to read all the great info for later... thanks for the post

Posted at 12:45pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT

HandmadeByAnnabelle says:

Where can we find parts I, II, and III?

Annabelle they are in the forums, but this is the most up to date compilation of info. this one has all the previous versions info plus some new stuff. Everything you need is right here!

Posted at 12:46pm Aug 28, 2008 EDT