Have You Made Someone's Day? Part 2

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Original Post

The "Make Someone's Day" thread was the creation of Phippsart, when he posted the following:

Remember YOUR first sale and how GREAT it felt? Chances are you did a victory dance and told your family or a close friend the great news. You were on a high the rest of the day!

You have the power to help someone else feel that way...today! The challenge is this: Find a shop where someone has had no sales or a shop that has not had a sale in awhile. Buy an item you like and you've just made their day!

A great way to find sellers waiting for their first sale is the "pounce" feature:


It doesn't have to be expensive. A lot of us are on VERY tight budgets, but there are many affordable items that almost anyone can afford. Go make that purchase and PLEASE come back and tell use what you found! In previous threads we've heard stories of sellers who wrote their first buyers with excited "thank you's".

We would love to see what you did to Make Someone's Day or if you are a shop owner that just made their first sale how it made you feel ;)

Posted at 8:51am Aug 30, 2008 EDT


Oops, forgot to mention that we love seeing shops but this thread if for making someone elses day...so, PLEASE NO SELF PROMTION...

I am off to pounce....see you all in a bit...

Posted at 8:55am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

Neat card by littlepapercrafts! And you were their first sale, so I'm sure they're thrilled!

I am off to find something too!

Posted at 9:40am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

bcheri says

this is such a great thread! i was just now the first purchaser at Botticelli.etsy.com where they have beautiful things from dichroic glass. i was looking for a gift for a friend, but instead found the perfect pendant for me :-D

Posted at 9:51am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

seaurchin says

lol....just looked at pounce....and found something completely illegal on Etsy....I'll keep looking for something more appropriate!

Posted at 9:55am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

I love shopping in pounce but my latest purchase never arrived so fingers crossed it does :)

Posted at 9:57am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

Thanks to all of you who are Pouncing......watch out, it can be addicting....but so much fun!

Posted at 10:00am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

phippsart says

You are so great to keep this alive!

C'mon everyone, help make someone's day!

Posted at 10:01am Aug 30, 2008 EDT

bcheri, that's a beautiful pendant!

BTW, this thread is a project of the EtsyPatrons team... for more info on this great team dedicated to patronizing and promoting etsy shops, go to htp://etsypatrons.etsy.com

Posted at 10:04am Aug 30, 2008 EDT