9.4.08 ~~More Meaningful Gifts~~BNR - 33 SALES in 6 DAYS!!

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Original Post

dorana says

I see 33 sales!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MORE MEANINGFUL GIFTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A simple BNR for those searching for "More Meaningful Gifts" and a simple way to meet new people and market your products!

** dorana.etsy.com - Custom Jewelry (THREAD CREATOR)

1. sewmanylittlethings.etsy.com - Sewn Items

2. Simag.etsy.com - Fine Art Jewelry (X4) - 10% OFF or Free Shipping!

3. memopause.etsy.com - Notebook Necklaces - 10% OFF (X2)

4. jvdarcy.etsy.com- Fine Art Originals and Prints (X2) - 10% OFF

5. designsbyericakortz.etsy.com - Jewelry - 10% OFF

6. debralinker.etsy.com - Full Color Art & Prints (X4) - 10% OFF or FREE SHIPPING on PAINTINGS & Buy One Get One FREE on Prints & Cards

7. fluffnflowers.etsy.com & fluffnfixings.etsy.com - Gardens & Greenery AND Upcycled plastic mailers - 10% OFF

8. MeridianStudio.etsy.com - Botanical Pure Silver Jewellery & Gemstone Jewellery - 10% off (pls. convo me to change listed price)

10. marinebiochic07.etsy.com - Jewelry & Crocheted Items - 10% OFF Crocheted Items

11. cardsandnotes.etsy.com - Cards and Notes

12. earthdream.etsy.com & pholk.etsy.com - Beads, Vintage, Scarves

13. shopredleaf.etsy.com - Bath & Body Products

14. halinaB.etsy.com - Jewelry and Supplies

I've been browsing BNRs and have found that the same shoppes seem to be featured in all of them! So I set out to ask MY favorite unique shoppes to start a new BNR who's products have high quality goods and "more meaningful gifts"! I hope you love them as much as I do! Thanks guys for participating!!


1. Simple. Simple. Simple. 13 Featured Stores - buy from the list and YOUR shoppe takes it's place!

2. If you buy from the "Creator of the Thread" you get a 2X your name(someone has to purchase from your shoppe TWICE before you're knocked off the list) and get added to the Featured Shoppe list!

3. No minimum or maximums.

4. Call out the shoppe who you'd like to purchase from.

5. Paste a link to the purchase so we can all see the featured item of the store.

6. Check in ONCE A DAY to stay on the featured shoppe list, promote the thread and to market your just listed, special sales, and promotions!

***(Special surprises and discounts to our most participating members!!)***

7. Invite your favorite shoppes and fellow Etsiers over to see our amazing collection of goods and shoppes!

=================== SALES 33 ==========================

Posted at 7:34am Sep 4, 2008 EDT


dorana says

hey guys! good morning!

please remember that i won't be here today - im teaching a class and will be unavailable until this evening! i'll try to come by but wont be able to reply to posts until tonight!

if someone can send me their email through convo, i'll be able to return emails - for some reason my blackberry wont let me into the forums!

Posted at 7:38am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

dorana says

have a great day today guys! i have the evening to late night shift! :o)

Posted at 7:38am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

dorana says

debralinker.etsy.com - 5
memopause.etsy.com - 8
jvdarcy.etsy.com - 1
sewmanylittlethings.etsy.com - 4


Posted at 7:40am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

Good morning everyone!

Thanks for the comments on my wedding pictures :)

JV - Open to any suggestions to my store. And unfortunately there are no photos of Porky the boxer. Wade had him a looooong time ago and they weren't a picture-taking family :)

Posted at 8:15am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

Morning everyone! I seem to be slightly more alive this morning. :) How's everyone?

Posted at 8:37am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

Morning fluff.

Getting ready for another day of staring through the microscope

Posted at 8:41am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

Good morning everyone!

Posted at 8:42am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

Good morning, world!!

Posted at 8:51am Sep 4, 2008 EDT

Fluff - you are on the Interior Design Team?!?!? I didn't know that until yesterday (of course, there are SO MANY members, no one could keep up!!)

Posted at 8:52am Sep 4, 2008 EDT