Anyone hosting on a question..

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Original Post

tucan says

I had a website built for I have a bunch of files that need to find a server....can I use it like godaddy?? I already have my website name registered....

do I just sign up and upload my files..then how does their shopping card work from there?

Thanks in ad vance

Posted at 7:02pm Sep 4, 2008 EDT


tucan says

I'm going to bump this...thanks

Posted at 8:16am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Oh my goodness I have Pappashop and I LOVE it!!! It was so easy and I love all of the great features. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Here is my pappashop website.

Posted at 8:19am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

My site is hosted with Merchant Moms, but I believe it is similar to PappaShop. I have a certain amount of space for uploading files. That is part of the monthly hosting fee. I believe both hosts also has a forum where you can ask questions even before signing up.

Posted at 8:22am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

They use Mals E cart. They are a little slow responding because of the time difference with the US they are in the UK. But it is fairly easy. I had to do flat rate shipping because I cannot figure out how to set up differently. You might have more luck than me there.

But Pappashop is a small company in the US so if you have a questions they are super fast and have things going for you very quickly. I do not know what I would have done without this great company. I was referred by another Esty member a month ago. Since then my sales have tippled on my website. I think it has something to do with the layout and the great features. Also I can accept other forms of payment then just Paypal. This must be a huge thing because since I am offering this I have not had one Paypal sale only people using other CC methods.

Pappashop has easy templates for you to use to set up your shop.

Posted at 8:24am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Oh I forgot to mention I have my domain name purchased for two more years and it was not a problem to only have hosting by Pappashop. You will have to have your domain redirected to Pappashop but they help you do that if you are not sure how to.

Posted at 8:25am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Oh goodie, I am glad I've stumbled upon this thread. I will have to check out Pappashop. I'll be back after checking out Pudleduk site...I have a few more questions- be right back!

Posted at 8:31am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Great site!
I am looking to have a website to combine my online shop, blog, gallery photos and event/ class dates. I didn't even consider having customers buy directly from my site. So this is separate from Etsy, correct?

Posted at 8:35am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Yes, it is separate from Etsy.
I personally think it looks more professional to have a personal www website when working with wholesale clients.

Posted at 8:39am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Pudleduck, I agree about setting up shipping rates. That part seems to be confusing for many people using Mals.

Posted at 8:40am Sep 5, 2008 EDT

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