What to do with extra fabric??? Help?

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Original Post

Hi everyone! I have a lot of extra fabric left over from projects. Anyone have ideas as to what I can do with the extra fabric besides make a quilt.

Interested in your suggestions.


Posted at 7:29 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT


Anyone got suggestions?

Posted at 7:31 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

You can donate it to a variety of groups that make blankets for babies in NICU or nursing homes. Or use the scraps to make appliques for clothing. Cut into strips, braid, and sew into a rug. Cut into strips and crochet or knit something. Quilt table runners, placemats, or coasters.
That's all I can think of for now.

Posted at 8:00 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

A scrap quilt, with different shapes/sizes etc.

Posted at 8:02 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Donate to me!

Seriously though, depends on what the size is. Braided rugs are fantastic, or make little pouches/wristlets and whatnot.

Posted at 8:03 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

kimonomomo says

Donate to a grade school. They use it for all sorts of projects.

Posted at 8:04 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Chambers says

I hoard all my extra fabric in plastic totes.

Posted at 8:08 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

babyhoot says

we use scraps to do appliques (which is fun!) and little pillows for the tooth fairy. You could make headbands too.

or give it me! :)

Posted at 8:09 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

Hi -

I make baskets with my extra fabric. Take a look at my shop to get some ideas.

Also, Yahoo has a group called FREECYCLE. You post what you have that you no longer need, and someone will take it off your hands (free, of course).


Posted at 8:10 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

PookThy says

is this a trick question?


*is a fabricahollic!*

Posted at 8:11 pm Sep 5, 2008 EDT

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