sticky resin :-(

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Original Post

I make necklaces out of Scrabble tiles and I was experimenting with resin this week. i tried to mix the resin and the ahhh other stuff the way it told me to, but my tiles came out sticky. it's too late to fix those - they already got stuck to some mail that got laid on them - but what can I do so that the resin turns out the way it's supposed to? if it's a measurement problem, how do i measure out resin in anything? thanks!

Posted at 12:25am Sep 9, 2008 EDT


catlover1 says

Getting ready to work with resin myself, so I'd like to know this too! I heard envirotex lite works well--any opinions on that product?

Posted at 12:30am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

Is it very hunid where you are? Resin does not do well when it's humid. If that's not the case, then yeah it could be a measurement issue. Castin' Craft sells disposable measuring cups, if your concern is messing up a measuring cup...if you're using easy cast, then you could also buy two very cheap plastic measuring cups from Walmart or somewhere and then just use one for resin, one for catalyst, and mix them in a seperate, disposable cup- wipe them out as best as you can, and just use them until they're really dusgusting and toss 'em lol. For resin where you measure the actual resin and then add drops of catalyst, you can measure the resin, pour it into a plastic cup, and then add the catalyst. Makes clean up a little easier. Hope this helps!

Posted at 12:32am Sep 9, 2008 EDT



ugh, it's late, can't spell :)

Posted at 12:34am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

catlover1 says

shinobi--any thoughts on the brands of resin? Like I said, I heard envirotex lite is good....cute shop, BTW!

Posted at 12:39am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

I've never used envirotex, sorry :( I like Castin' Craft Clear, personally, but it is very stinky lol. The best beginner's resins, I think, would be anything with a 1:1 resin/catalyst ratio, makes measuring a lot easier. The one I began with was Easy Cast. I'll have to check out this envirotex light stuff.

Thanks, BTW :) I love your shop too! Especially the bookmarks.

Posted at 12:43am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

For the OP- I guess I should have added that if it IS a humidity issue, then sometimes it is possible to "save" the peice by moving it to a warm (over 70 degrees F), dry area and letting it cure an extra day or two.

Posted at 12:49am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

If you just wipe over with alcohol, you get rid of the stickiness. There is actually a product specifically to get rid of the stickiness - I think it's alcohol plus something else. Let me know if you need to know specifically and I'll find it's source.

Posted at 1:01am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

AlinaJolie says

Make sure you mix it REALLY REALLY well, if they still turn out sticky a quick fix that I found that works well is to use clear nail polish. =)

I sell scrabble pendants in my other shop,

Posted at 1:43am Sep 9, 2008 EDT

AlinaJolie says

BTW, i use envirotex lite

Posted at 1:44am Sep 9, 2008 EDT