Treasury list data loss and restoration (and loss)

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Original Post

jared says

Several hundred Treasuries from yesterday suddenly disappeared this afternoon. While they were gone, many new lists were created. We were able to recover the lists from yesterday, but the new ones created during this time will most like be lost.

A small number of comments and views may have also been lost.

The problem was caused by a backup accidentally restored by our hosting facility at the wrong time.

You should now see your lists from yesterday. List created during the anomaly may still be available, but will eventually be overwritten (most likely during the next Treasury creation event window).

Posted at 1:06pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT


My list from yesterday has not reappeared.

Posted at 1:09pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT it, hate it....

Posted at 1:10pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

jared says

It may take another couple of minutes before all lists are restored. Thanks for your patience.

Please, if you can, post a link to any Treasury lists you're still having a problem with and we'll see what might be going on. Thanks!

Posted at 1:12pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

My list from last night has not reappeard - the new one I got today is there but I would rather the one from last night back.

Well whatever, I hope the problem is fixed thanks for the info!

Posted at 1:13pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

This is weird.
This was my list:
But that is not my title, content, etc.

Posted at 1:14pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

Jared thank you for the update. Lots of people
scratching their heads' over this one. Just hope you
aren't still banging your head after last night - your
too cute.

Posted at 1:14pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

KarmaRox says

I made one this morning around 7am just disappeared....but I was able to snag will the one I just created now disappear?

Posted at 1:14pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

your = you're

Posted at 1:15pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT

This was mine from last night - another person's is thee now.

Posted at 1:15pm Sep 9, 2008 EDT