Do you ship before Paypal is cleared?

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Responses it e-check, real check, money order, etc. I have in my policys I will not ship until payment clears.

Posted at 8:42am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

I would advise to NEVER do that, it says right on pay pal not to. Until the money clears you can VERY easily taken back.

Posted at 8:44am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

EvaForeva says

I will add this to my policy too. Thanks you all!

Posted at 8:44am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

luv4sams says

It usually takes 4 days for an echeck to clear and I don't ship until it does. Knock on wood, so far, they all have!

Posted at 8:46am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

tenthstreet says:
okay, so auntie, it's true, sometimes they don't know?
It is right in their Paypal account so the only way they wouldn't know is if they didn't look or haven't learned how Paypal works.

-I do not ship until the e-check clears. Unlike paper checks you have zero recourse if the e-check should not clear. Exceptions apply of course, long-term(years) customers for low amounts and then only maybe.

Posted at 8:47am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

Thats what I thought too enchanting, but about 3 people have said otherwise. It's like.. paying without the money being in there..right?

Posted at 8:48am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

Nickileigh says

I never ship until payment is confirmed.

Posted at 8:50am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

I don't ever ship anything to anyone until I have payment in hand.

And an echeck is NOT actually payment until it clears.

Just in case though, when I get one I always convo the buyer to let them know I'll be shipping their order once the echeck has cleared.

Posted at 8:51am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

Never ship until you are paid. Thats in no execptions.

Posted at 8:53am Sep 10, 2008 EDT

I always wait until the e-check clears before I ship. I do however send a message to the buyer stating this and I give them the date that Paypal says the check should clear.

Posted at 8:55am Sep 10, 2008 EDT