Getting your items into Google Base

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Original Post

GoTo says

There have been tons of threads on getting your items onto Google Base lately, most about using the site to get them there.

After many sellers needed more detailed instructions I put together a blog post to:

~~explain what Google Base is,
~~walk folks through using the Let's Ets site to get their items on Google Base ( ),
~~trouble shoot the errors some have had,
~~offer a little of what to expect after you've got your items up.

I hope this helps you get better sales too:

Let’s Ets and Google Base

Posted at 12:31am Sep 16, 2008 EDT


Thanks for your help once again, GoTO!

Posted at 12:52pm Sep 16, 2008 EDT

GoTo says

Your welcome flowersbyfarha!

(Nice to see you around!)

Posted at 1:00pm Sep 16, 2008 EDT

Thanks! I'm finally back after a month or so of being mostly on the road.

I just started a Welcome Back/Renewal Sale/Party thread yesterday. It'll go until it doesn't anymore. Come on by sometime when you get the chance.

Meanwhile, bumping this up so others can find it.

Posted at 1:08pm Sep 16, 2008 EDT

The company I work for submits our product line to Google Base. I never thought to do it for MY stuff. hmmmm... gotta play.

Posted at 1:29pm Sep 16, 2008 EDT

yippihippi says

Thank you! Very helpful and informative.

Posted at 1:45pm Sep 16, 2008 EDT

GoTo says

Your welcome!

Posted at 1:55pm Sep 16, 2008 EDT

gscrafts says

Marking for later. Thanks!

Posted at 10:23am Sep 23, 2008 EDT

I just received a sale today through Google Base. Yeah! It works.

Posted at 10:25am Sep 23, 2008 EDT

GoTo says

Yay moonlight!

Posted at 1:56pm Sep 23, 2008 EDT