Glue fabric to metal.

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Original Post

Hello! Is there anyone out there that could reccomend a glue that will adhere fabric to metal? I've been looking but, am more interested if someone has actually used something that has worked. Thanks so much!

Posted at 11:46am Sep 17, 2008 EDT


Check out this site:

Posted at 11:47am Sep 17, 2008 EDT

Thank you. It gave me a spray glue...hmmm...I'm wondering if that is all that there is. Anyone else?

Posted at 11:50am Sep 17, 2008 EDT

wow yadayada excellent tip

Posted at 11:56am Sep 17, 2008 EDT

Anyone else...? I have the same question:)

Posted at 5:16pm Feb 18, 2009 EST

Gorilla glue- usually works on anything.

Posted at 5:27pm Feb 18, 2009 EST

wallwork says

I use Tacky Glue to secure fabric to metal embroidery hoops. You have to hold it a bit and work slowly to get it to stick, but it does work.

Posted at 5:28pm Feb 18, 2009 EST

Thanks guys:) I hope that helps you too Sunrise!

Posted at 5:35pm Feb 18, 2009 EST

Brickhouse - do you use the Gorilla Super glue or just the plain Gorilla glue?

Posted at 5:37pm Feb 18, 2009 EST

PS their website is kinds creepy with those moving hairy gorilla hands:)

Posted at 5:38pm Feb 18, 2009 EST