Christmas Trades!

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Original Post

Many of us Etsians are looking to trade items for Christmas and the holidays...

Post what you are looking for and what you are willing to trade here if you are trade friendly!

I am looking for handmade soaps, lip balm, candles, prints, ornaments, journals, pendants, room spray, men's ties.... things in those areas...

I usually trade my prints and my Original Rainbow Crayons (any shapes).. they make great stocking stuffers for kids!

Post your trade ideas and needs here!

Posted at 5:18pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT



Posted at 5:32pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT


I am open to trades! I make jewelry so won't do any of that probably...

Would trade for funky fashionable things for a very TRENDY 25 year Vogue trendy. Purses, cool scarves, wraps, gloves, belts, funky vintage maybe art...she's not into anything sweet, cute, etc (even though I think that stuff is great!) so no picture frames, memory books. Picky and difficult sister!!

Soaps, soy candles, sachets, etc for mother (think Martha Stewart) and Mother in law (former NYC Magazine editor..) For them also cutting edge.

I am willing to trade whatever. Will also consider a trade at a wholesale price if that helps! I have some difficult ladies to shop for. Tell me if you like anything in my shop...I can also do custom for you and all my pieces can absolutely arrive gift wrapped, tagged and ready for handing out!

Hope there are some fun, cool traders out there...

Posted at 5:39pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT

Salsagal says

I trade..looking mostly for guy things

Posted at 5:40pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT

Attractive soaps/bath & body products with natural ingredients - that's what I am needing right now to complete 4 Christmas baskets.

I have jewelry for all you soap makers!

Posted at 5:44pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT


Posted at 6:03pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT

I am looking for a leather manly journal, scarves, plushies, anything for a seven year old girl, coffee cozy, I am up for almost anything but these are the things that come to mind. I am very convo friendly. Please convo me if you see anything you like.

Posted at 6:08pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT

I forgot to add make-up for my sis. (mineral makeup)

Posted at 6:09pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT

Awesome Fiesta Earrings!

I have some wonderful trades going on....

Posted at 6:33pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT

yjja123 says

I love trading and am open to a lot of items (big shopping list)
Just convo me.

Posted at 6:40pm Sep 21, 2008 EDT