Hair bow display for craft fairs

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Original Post

Hi! everyone, just throwing this question out there. My husband designed me a display stand to show my hair bows and clippies, also works great for bracelets. , I had looked around for something but found very little, I was thinking of listing it. wondered if there would be an interest before i listed. I feel there is a need for custom displays.
Convo me if really interested and i will send you a picture and price.

Posted at 2:45pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT


Anybody feel like responding :)

Posted at 2:56pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

Yes, I am would love pics

Posted at 3:08pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

thanks.It is so hard to find something that works that looks professional, but fits on a table, i will convo you some later this afternoon.

Posted at 3:12pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

giftbird says

I'm interested as well. I'm going to a craft show in a few weeks and have no idea what to use for display. I need to figure that out so ideas would help!

Posted at 3:12pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

i will convo you by this evening. I love it cannot believe how great and versatile it is

Posted at 3:15pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

just uploaded it real quick, mine is not completely finished yet, still embellishing it

if anyone is interested, just convo me.

Posted at 4:20pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

You could use these also for hand made cards and such that are in cellophane baggies

Posted at 7:39pm Sep 24, 2008 EDT

stylesbym says

I would love to see the display. I am aways looking for new ways to display my hair bows!

Posted at 11:07am Aug 17, 2010 EDT