Daily Promotional Plan V3

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Original Post

This needs an update, given the process of renewing and listing load times as seen here;


Its getting harder and harder to make consistent sales by simple listing and renewing. Showcases in popular categories are almost always booked, and the number of sellers on Etsy increases every second.

It’s up to YOU to get buyers to your shop. Below are some simple things you can do to make your shop more visible off Etsy, and hopefully, get more sales.

These are the things I make every attempt to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

I’m not saying your sales will come to a halt if you don’t do this. I’m also not saying if you do these exact things you’ll become a top seller and be about to be featured in “quit your day Job” on the Etsy Blog. But, I have noted a marked increase in my views, hearts and sales since I began doing this well over a year ago. I think it will help all sellers.

Read the list; modify it to become a plan you can and will be able to accomplish. If you can’t stand social networking, don’t do it. If you want to join a bunch of street teams, do that. If you go to a book club meeting every week, make sure to hand out your cards when you’re chatting up the other club member about what you do in your “spare time”

Paw & Claw Designs Daily Promo Plan

· Post a Bulletin on your chosen social networking site. Use Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, whichever you prefer. Or use all 3! Keep the code for a graphic you may want to use in a test file in your “daily promo plan” folder. I love to use BabyLyon.etsy.com method of a custom Etsy mini as seen here.


I have one for my geekery, one for my copper and one or my sterling earrings. I post it often, sometimes doing it a few times a day and rotating the minis I use.

Time: 1 minute per post

· add some new friends on your chosen social networking site. Chose people that truly interest you. Many social networks give you the option to invite your friends to look at your blog, so take this opportunity to do that as well. Send them a thank you for being a friend message with a coupon code, so you can track if this technique is working for you. Keep the text for the message in a text document in your daily promo plan folder.

Time: 5 Minutes

· Renew/List ??? Items. This depends on your budget/expiration dates. Again, with the changes to category load times, this SHOULD NOT be your main way of getting views and sales. You HAVE TO do more than just list. I am of the camp that you should NOT renew your items before they are ready to expire. It’s just a waste of time and money, IMHO.

Renew One item: 1 Minute
List One Item: 10 Minutes

· List Said Items On DeviantART Or Similar

For those who don’t know devinantART.com is a FREE Gallery and Community for artists. There are many out there, but DeviantART is the one I use, and it seems to have the MOST users. It’s searchable and just had a major overhaul that allows user to “collect” your submissions and share them with others via their collection pages.

Time: 2 minutes (you already have the picture, item description and tags from your item listing on Etsy!)

· Upload Said Photo To Flick’r
Again there are other Photo communities out there, but Flick’r is the “big daddy” I love it.

Time: 2 minutes (you already have the picture, item description and tags form your item listing on Etsy!)

I must stress on Gallery submissions and Photo communities that you should try your hardest not to give into the temptation to upload your ENTIRE image gallery in one day.

Spread it out and you’ll widen your audience. Leave your regular viewers wondering, “OH, what will they submit today? I can’t wait!”

· Change up your photo order and take new pictures.

You may already know to use all 5 photo slots in your listings for each item. Now that Etsy has a quick way to re arrange the images in edit mode, it’s a good idea to change up your photos on a few items each day, especially on your first page. This gives your shop a “fresh” look without the expense of renewing your items. It has almost ALWAYS increased views for me.

If you have the time to take NEW photos, do that as well. I use 100% natural lighting, so some days are better than others. If I see the clouds are offering me the perfect filtered light, I take sometimes hundreds of images to use on my current and new listings.

· Blog about ANYTHING. You can do this daily, or See Weekly Below. It all depends on your schedule. I like to blog on my day off in the early morning hours, before it’s social acceptable to hammer on metal and wake the neighbors.

· Check the Treasury and Treasury West to see if you’re featured in any lists (gold star) and thank the list curator in the treasury comments. If you have time, check out other treasuries. You might just find a new favorite

· Check Majaba.org
Check your views and hearts at majaba.org. You can quickly see what items have the most increase in views and your new shop hearts. I like to take a screen shot of my item views every morning and compare them. If an item is “HOT” I blog about it, or, if I’m feeling brave, venture into promos forum and pimp it a little.

· Project Wonderful
You may have heard of project wonderful. It’s a great way to both pay for and buy advertising for your Etsy shop. I have 2 add bars on my main blog, which bring in enough profits to pay for ad boxes on several other sites and blogs.

You can easily track your marketing success and failures, your profit and costs, and even set up automatic campaigns so you don’t have to search for sites to market on. Project wonderful is easy and affordable. It beats the heck out of google adwords, IMHO.

For an example of the project wonderful ad box, see my blog at pawandclawdesigns.blogspot.com

Weekly Online Promo Plan

· Write and Schedule Your Blogs. I do this monthly; but you can do it in whatever time frame works for you, weekly, bi weekly, monthly.

I choose a selection of my staple items; some staple items from my favorite shops and my planned sales promotions like Saturday Night Specials, and blog all about them. Then I schedule the posts for one per day. I try to one in the AM, and then the next day in the PM. You can schedule on Blogger, Wordpress, IndiePublic and weloveetsy. I use all 4.

MySpace doesn’t allow you to Schedule your blogs, they go live as soon as your post them.

So, when I’m making friends and putting up my bulletin it take the code from my blogger blog and paste it on my MySpace blog. Easy peasy, takes about 10 seconds.

You can of course, “fill in” with more posts as they happen, but it’s nice to know you have a blog scheduled for a day you might be to busy to blog. If you have regular readers who check daily, they will have no idea you didn’t have the time to write up the blog before you dashed off to work.

Time: 2 minutes per blog post (copy and paste the code to whatever blogs you have, I have a separte bookmark folder what makes this quick and easy)

· Set up/Check Google Alerts
Google Alerts is an AMAZING tool. I have mine set up to e-mail me once per week when my chosen “terms” come up on Google. This way you can see if you’re in any blogs, and thank the writer.


Time: 3 Minutes

Monthly Online Promo Plan

· Set up or Update your Goggle Base Product List.
Goggle base is a FREE place to list your products so that they show up in Google Shopping. Use the free site letsets.com to download your product feed and upload it to Google base.

If you are having trouble with it, GoTo.etsy.com did a great tutorial on her blog.

· Set Goals. This is important; Set up a goal and Use the Daily Promo plan to achieve it. Write it down and keep it handy, make yourself accountable for achieving your goal. It doesn’t have to be a money or item sold goal. It can be “blog daily”, “take better pictures for 30 items”, “get 100 new shop hearts” or “pass out 500 business cards” “

· Participate in a Shop Critique. They happen around Etsy everyday. There is a whole forum section for them and, they even do them in the workshop weekly.

Shop Critiques help you to see your shop as a buyer. While it may be VERY nice in your eyes, other may see things that could use an update. Ultimately, you should be striving every day to make your shop better and better, so a lot can change in a month. You can also do these quarterly, but I highly recommend getting some “outside” feedback on your shop on a regular basis.

Add your own great ideas to this thread.

Posted at 4:15pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT


That is pretty thorough, pawandclaw, and all in one place :) Thanks for that!

The only thing I'd add is once a week or so to rotate new featured pictures into your shop's featured windows so they get that "freshened" look periodically, too.

Posted at 4:24pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

phew..marking this for later!

Posted at 4:25pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

A GREAT idea, Lucinda :)

my features are usually my street team theme items, so i change them when those change.

right now they are etsyBEAD Wine Country items :)

Posted at 4:27pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

any other suggestion?

Posted at 5:48pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

amorevivo says

Hi pawsandclaws, what valuable info and time you put into the suggestions. I have a question, I clicked on your devianArt link and didn't quite understand how to get onto it to advertise?

Posted at 5:59pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

Marking for later, GREAT info!

Posted at 6:01pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

WrenWillow says

wow. This was incredibly informative. Thanks!!!

Posted at 6:07pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT


you don't necessarily use it to "advertise" but it gets your work "out there", like flickr or a blog.

there are lots of teens on it, and teens have money to burn in most cases ;)

i put my new items up and put a link to the etsy listing in the discription.

Posted at 6:15pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT

Enthral says

Thanks paws!

Posted at 6:16pm Sep 25, 2008 EDT