I've been flagging the same seller...

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Original Post

for over a YEAR! and they are still there, reselling, ADMITTING IN THEIR DESCRIPTION THAT THEY DON'T MAKE THE ITEM...and.... now another seller half way around the world is selling the same thing. It is not supplies or vintage. It is jewelry that is being billed as handmade.

I have flagged them both. Nothing is done. I know this is a common topic in the forums - sorry to those who are tired of it - but for the love of Jebus would someone do their job and honor the dos and don'ts of Etsy????!

Posted at 6:28pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT


Siiiigh. That really stinks. Don't give up, Rabbit!

Posted at 6:33pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

whitemagic says

Good grief!

Posted at 6:35pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

I give up for a while and then I see them on the front page or in the gift guides and it gets me fired up again. But it is all apparently for nothing. Seriously, it seems like admin must be giggling every time they get a flagging message from me, knowing that they will do nothing about it.

So frustrating.

Posted at 6:36pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

They're giggling at me, too, then. I feel your pain.

Posted at 6:50pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

danamiller says

maybe the person spoke to admin and convinced them that the item is some how handmade

Posted at 6:56pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

danamiller says

like maybe it come from a kit, and the person has to assemble it?

Posted at 6:56pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

Nope, it's not a kit. I almost wish it was, then I could see how they would remain.

Cherrycanary, we should start an "admin giggles at us" (AGAU) support group. I have a feeling there would be a lot of members. ;)

Posted at 6:59pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

what a drag!!!

Posted at 7:25pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT

Thank you for not giving up!!!

Posted at 7:29pm Sep 27, 2008 EDT