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This is an interactive list -- post your top tips!

1. Customize your work! Anything that can be customized is big in the gift market.

2. Corporate gifts are BIG right now, especially ones that resonate with a company's values. Offer something in a small price range with nice packaging. Bonus points if you can incorporate a company logo discretely on the item or packaging.

Posted at 1:49pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT


make multiples...if one sells you can relist another!

Posted at 1:51pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

LaurieRyan says

Also being super nice to people, my friend that has a shop that I open for her on Mondays she says I sell twice as much stuff as 2 of her other employees and its because I'm super nice to them. And I have a dog. LOL

Posted at 1:51pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

leave a business card trail wherever you go

Posted at 1:52pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT


5. Team up with a local business and add to your customer base, and theirs! Best to find a business that targets the same type of customers as you, but doesn't sell the same types of things.

Posted at 1:53pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

ladadajo says

Ooh, marking for later!

Posted at 1:54pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

7. Join your local Chamber of Commerce

Posted at 1:55pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

6. Have a web presence everywhere you go. (comments on blogs, email signature)

7. Have great packaging, and let people know!

I totally agree with LaurieRyan, be friendly, in person and online!

Posted at 1:56pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

Offering multiple price points so you always have something someone can afford.

Posted at 1:56pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT

ravenwren says

8. Give outstanding customer service. Make your customers want to come back!

Posted at 1:57pm Sep 28, 2008 EDT