What is the secret paypal shipping link agian?

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Original Post

walkerdill says

I saved it into my favs at home but Im not at home and I cant find it anywhere.


Posted at 8:47pm Sep 30, 2008 EDT


walkerdill says

anyone know?

Posted at 8:50pm Sep 30, 2008 EDT

Secret shipping link? What does it do?

Posted at 8:51pm Sep 30, 2008 EDT

walkerdill says

You can ship packages through paypal even if the seller didnt pay through paypal

Posted at 8:52pm Sep 30, 2008 EDT


Posted at 8:54pm Sep 30, 2008 EDT

Oh! I remember hearing about that. But I only accept Paypal right now, so I ship with them, but I've never used that option.

Posted at 9:08pm Sep 30, 2008 EDT

I have to mark this!

Posted at 10:37am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

Use it when you're shipping to friends, family - it's super handy. I don't know why it's kind of hidden on their site, that's why I always use the link when I need it.

Posted at 10:43am Oct 4, 2008 EDT

piddies avatar
piddies says

I'm glad I saw this thread - I've been wondering if I could ship something through paypal without it being paid through paypal. Thanks!!

Posted at 10:47am Oct 4, 2008 EDT