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Original Post

Tresijas says

Welcome! The California Crafters Club of Etsy (CCCOE) is proud to present the entries in their September challenge. This month’s theme was Fall Traditions. Many people celebrate this time of seasonal change in different ways, our entries are a representation of the many things happening at the start of Fall.

1. Post your vote here between Oct. 1 and Oct. 8.
2. Chat as you wish but vote only once!

Follow this link to see our entries (please look at all pages) then come back here and post the name of the shop that gets your vote:

Every non-CCCOE shop that votes will automatically earn a treasury spot and instantly becomes eligible to take advantage of the sales listed for the shops below. To take advantage of the discount just let the seller know that you voted here!

2dy4.etsy.com 10%
abyssalgems.etsy.com 10%
alliesadornments.etsy.com 20%
AmandaKLockrowJewels.etsy.com 20%
annieKdesigns.etsy.com 20%
ArtToWearDiva.etsy.com 10%
BarbeSaintJohn.etsy.com 10%
Blackbird72.etsy.com 10%
BoutiqueCandle.etsy.com 10%
buttercupbloom.etsy.com 10%
Calyxann.etsy.com 10%
cascadadesigns.etsy.com 10%
CatHeavenCrafts.etsy.com 10%
cigarboxbeads.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
codyscloset.etsy.com 20%
combustionglassworks.etsy.com 10%
cserpent.etsy.com 10%
designsbymariejulie.etsy.com 10%
DesignsbyTami.etsy.com 10%
eissa.etsy.com 15%
Elenamary.etsy.com 10%
evelynx.etsy.com 15%
exdesigns.etsy.com 15%
FlakyFriends.etsy.com 15%
gedesigns.etsy.com 10%
glastontotes.etsy.com 10%
handcranked.etsy.com 20%
HeArtCollective.etsy.com 10%
heartfulart.etsy.com 10%
itsthebag.etsy.com/ 15%
Janesdesigns.etsy.com 10%
jewlz076.etsy.com 10%
JMCdesigns.etsy.com 10%
katilady.etsy.com 10%
KECookies.etsy.com 10%
KimzVisionz.etsy.com 10%
knitopia.etsy.com 10%
Knittergirl.etsy.com 10%
laurali.etsy.com 10%
laurenbacchus.etsy.com 10%
LaveMeSoapCo.etsy.com 10%
LiSoCards.etsy.com 10%
littlestory.etsy.com 20%
localcolorist.etsy.com 10%
loridelisle.etsy.com 10%
Luchi.etsy.com 10%
LuckyFindDesigns.Etsy.com 10%
LuckyZelda.etsy.com 10%
madebyjackie.etsy.com 10%
Mishfashion.etsy.com 10%
Mommyandmeboutique.etsy.com 10%
mscraftypants.etsy.com 10%
Mycatlulu.etsy.com 10%
MyFriendRoze.etsy.com 10%
needleworks.etsy.com 10%
oceanavesilks.etsy.com 10%
oceankisses.etsy.com 10%
oceanvintage.etsy.com 10%
Ohmay.etsy.com 10%
palleikodesigns.etsy.com 10%
PassionIt.etsy.com 10%
peggradyart.etsy.com 10%
photopia.etsy.com 10%
Phydeaux.etsy.com 10%
poppycat.etsy.com 10%
prairieprimitives.etsy.com 20%
prettycheap.etsy.com 25%
queenofalltrades.etsy.com 10%
quirkynberkeley.etsy.com 10%
raghousenternational.etsy.com 20% off all items over $10
redbessbonney.etsy.com 20%
sandysimone.etsy.com 10%
senoritasoto.etsy.com 10%
sheilasatin.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
Shellmitchell.etsy.com 10%
ShiningLightJewelry.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
shopwhimsy.etsy.com 10%
slurkgirl.etsy.com 10%
SmallShinyObjects.etsy.com 10%
suchandsort.etsy.com 10% + free shipping
theskinyourein.etsy.com 10%
tresijas.etsy.com 10%
treslocas.etsy.com 10%
tztudio.etsy.com 10%
visionquest.etsy.com 20%
weebeaks.etsy.com 10%
wrenphoto.etsy.com 10%
Yolandasclay.etsy.com 20%

Posted at 1:30pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT


Lots of great autumn selections!

Posted at 1:39pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

plumstars says

I love audelaine's tweed wool owl ornament!

Posted at 1:40pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

oh this is going to be hard.

Posted at 1:41pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

msladybugy says

2QT4wrds gets my vote! that baby is adorable!!!

Posted at 1:43pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

2QT4WORDS says

This is something I would have in my house!
Halloween Jailbird Paper Ornament

Posted at 1:44pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

Weellll, if I can't vote for myself (hee hee) this one really speaks to me (the colors and blend)

by OceanAveSilks

Posted at 1:53pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

ohmay says


Posted at 1:59pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

2QT4WORDS says


But to all voters, I am giving 10% off (exc. shipping)

Posted at 2:01pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT

I vote for www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=15116390 The little pumpkin lady from 2QT4WORDS !!!!! :)

Posted at 2:08pm Oct 1, 2008 EDT