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Original Post

PussDaddy says

Why am I logged in, but if I go to post on a thread it says to log in, then when I go to log in I am already logged in. This is happening over and over. Also, when I went to make this post, I hit post a new topic, and was sent to the front page, so I came back, and hit post a new topic, and was sent to the front page, over and over. I just had to keep doing it over and over until it finally let me do it. I am constantly being told to log in when I am already logged in, or tossed to the front page when trying to start a topic in the forum, or even tossed to the front page when trying to convo someone. Why is this site so buggy?

Posted at 2:28am Oct 2, 2008 EDT


PussDaddy says

It's ridiculous. Logged in while on one thread, go to another and you are magically now logged out. Humor the request and go to log in and guess what, you are already logged in.

Posted at 2:31am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

That happens to me sometimes because I have many etsy pages up.

I hate when I respond to a post using another shop, so what I am saying doesn't make sense.

It's like the poor dude who drives his girlfriends car and she has a bumpersticker that says "I love my boyfriend".

Posted at 2:36am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

I'm not sure, but this sounds like it may be a problem with your cookies, Puss. Maybe try clearing them?

Posted at 2:37am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

I only have one window open, the one I am in now. And, I clear my cache and cookies everytime I log on, and several times a day in between. I just cleared them before I signed on a half hour ago. How much cookie clearing does it take to peruse one web site?

Posted at 2:38am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

Hmmm, then that's probably not it. I can see why you're frustrated!

I've seen something from loosewire about clearing your Etsy cookies. I wonder if that does something extra-special that a regular old cookie clearing doesn't do? Let me see if I can find it...

Posted at 2:42am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

Isn't that funny? We need special Etsy cookie clearing instructions, lol. Why won't a regular ol' cookie cleaning that works anywhere else do? Either way, I will check it out tomorrow, I am going to bed. Thanks flandersfield. It is not like this doesn't happen often. It happens all the time to me. I made a thread about it before. I get all kinds of wacky stuff that happens only when I am at Etsy. For instance, my send button in convo's is invisible. It only shows up when I go to where it should be and click to send. It will momentarily flash when I click it, then it is gone again. If I didn't know where it should be, I would be sitting there unable to send a convo. I see stuff here that I never see anywhere else. Have a great night, ttyl.

Posted at 2:47am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

PussDaddy says

Now the fricking send button is there. If I go back later, it will be gone. It comes and goes, comes and goes, lol.

Posted at 2:48am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

Never mind, looks like that's just a way to clear fewer cookies...

loosewirestudio says:
If you are unable to switch between List/Gallery, clear your Etsy cookies. No need to clear all of them. Here are instructions for clearing specific cookies:

Have you tried closing and re-opening your browser or restarting your computer?

Posted at 2:48am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

What kind of browser are you using, by the way? I *think* I may have seen some threads about weirdness with the latest Firefox update?

Posted at 2:50am Oct 2, 2008 EDT