Needle Felt wool creations-Share with us!

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Original Post

We are artists at ETSY who creates in the new wool art that develops lately –Needle Felt art.
We want to share with you our art.

If you are also a Needle Felt artist-please feel free to post your art here

If you are a gesture –we would love to have your comment

More of our activity and creations you can find here:
To join our ETSY NFEST TEAM you may contact Gina
Do not miss her beautiful works!

Posted at 7:44am Oct 2, 2008 EDT


Good morning everyone!

recently relisted..

Tiny needle felted Pig 1 1/4 inches high-MELVIN

Posted at 8:21am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

Good Morning. . . Can't believe I'm not on page 9 or somewhere like it.

This is my favorite listing. . . the gray arabian is my mare's dam and the grand-dam of my currant horse, Alex (check him out at , he does 4-H with my kids). Here is Bali-Hi

Posted at 9:34am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

And good morning to you guys! That pig is stinkin cute! And PBLD, your horses are soo perfect! I found this little birthday pixie, and thought it would make a terrific cake topper, or box topper.
And this cat you have to check out!

Posted at 10:07am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

fufukitty says

Hey Ladies!
This is what I've been up to lately. I cannot keep them stocked locally, so they haven't even hit my Etsy site.

Posted at 10:36am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

Woohoo new thread!

Posted at 10:56am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

So shiny! So new! It has that new thread smell all fresh and sunshiney for a spectacular October! Thank you orit for starting our new thread. :)
How is everyone?

Posted at 11:14am Oct 2, 2008 EDT

Hi everyone!

I have some new owls and here's a picture of one of them:

Posted at 12:00pm Oct 2, 2008 EDT

Good morning! Fresh new thread!
Here is a dolly who needs a home!

Posted at 12:01pm Oct 2, 2008 EDT