Half hard or dead soft for wire wrapping?

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Original Post

I'm still fairly new to the world of wire wrapping. I've been practicing a ton with inexpensive wire. I wanted to buy some sterling wire, but I don't know what's the best to use. Any advice?

Posted at 7:27am Oct 3, 2008 EDT


I use both and some fine silver. Depends on what I'm making. For intricate shapes you want to make a lot of bends in 18G soft for the base works well. Form your shape and lightly hammer, then tumble to work harden before wrapping. Then use 26 or 28 guage to wrap. I started with 26 guage, then when I got comfortable with it switched to 28.

Posted at 7:32am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

windyriver says

I use 26 gauge dead soft for the wrapping, and usually 20 gauge half hard which I lightly hammer for the armature that I am wrapping over.


Check out her website for some inspiration!

Posted at 7:33am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

Goofingoff says

Dead soft. The more you work wire, the more you work harden it making it brittle and liable to break.

Posted at 7:34am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

I use dead soft both 20 and 18 gauge. I tumble them for hardness and shine.

Posted at 7:55am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

Sorry...not enough coffee yet...The gauges I suggested are for earring wires...not wire wrapping.

I still use dead soft in whatever I am making.

Posted at 7:57am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

redhatlady says

marking for later.....

Posted at 8:02am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

the general rule i usually go by is the larger the gauge, the softer i want the wire. i can hardly even bend half hard wire larger than 18 gauge!

Posted at 8:08am Oct 3, 2008 EDT

matsbeads says

We think that dead soft is the best to use. It's the only kind we sell in the store. You can always harden soft wire by tumbling or with "WIRE WACKERS" (tradename) or with a hammer. But it is a pain to soften wire that is already hard,you have to annel it than pickle it and then polish it.
Unless you are using Argentium sterling silver.
Any way go soft than harden. You'll find that most of the time you don't need the wire to be that hard in the 1st place.

Posted at 8:12am Oct 3, 2008 EDT


Posted at 8:21am Oct 3, 2008 EDT